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    Fault code 14

    Thanks boilerman2.....its not me i feel sorry for ...its the
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    Fault code 14

    Ravenheat csi lownox 120csi boiler Hi. had an engineer out to my boiler again....! He fitted a new ignition board 2 days later and im gettin a error or fault code 14 "14: Flame simulation on Flame Control Unit" im resetting the boiler like 4/5 times a day. My engineer is manic...
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    ravenheat csi 120 lownox boiler.....urgent help

    Thanks m8 thats my an engineer coming in the morning....was just hoping one of you may of known a qickfix.x
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    ravenheat csi 120 lownox boiler.....urgent help

    Hi i am getting a code 1 on my boiler, says gas installation. Basically, 3 times today ive turned on the hot water and its refused to heat any....and twice the heating has gone on and the boiler has shut down. i have to repeatidly press the reset button 7-8-9-10 times defore it fires...
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    ravenheat csi 120 lownox boiler.....urgent help

    anyone please its freeeeeeeezing
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    ravenheat csi 120 lownox boiler.....urgent help

    when i reset it it tries to fire up but nothing.
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    ravenheat csi 120 lownox boiler.....urgent help

    Hi. i walked in tonight after 4 nights away. left my heating on very low. when i walked in i turned up the thermostat but the boiler wouldnt fire up...i have an error code 17. Got 2 small kids in the house and its freezing...can any one help me out.
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    blocked drain responsibility issues.

    HI, i don't share with next door, but when i had a problem i called out the water company, who told me because my property was pre 1937 it was there duty to maintain from my manhole to their sewer and kind of sorted the problem...i say this as once a year i have problems.
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    PANIC! Mould found...

    Yes....if you have room. or a gable end.
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    No its a good idea, you can buy the loft insulation type stuff, and pack it in. Its just keeping it in place mate, slate batons may do the job, but then your going to need to be underthe floor to screw them to the bottom of the joists and by the sound of it a bit at a time. Is it drafts, or...
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    Concrete House - Wall Vents Required?

    Hi, if it is a concrete house with no cavity...block them up...apart from the one near the dont have coal fires, so i see no reason to vent the other rooms, If you do have a cavity, you need to remove any liner to allow them to vent the cavity but you can block the internal holes up.
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    Cracked Bay Window Wall

    HI, it look like the bay, may be pulling away from the house, its not unusual, but can be a little expensive to fix. are you insured...? just need to look at getting in a decorator whos good with flexible filler...wink.
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    black mould and insulation

    HI, you need to find the source of the damp. having a rad on the wall maybe dragging out the damp. is it tracking in under the window. You could remove the tiles from the outside, insulate, tack on some visqueen or other dpm, replace tile baton and re-tile then silicone under the window.
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    Extension Cost

    Yep....the toilet ever morning....!!!
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    Internal brick work growing white fur - WHY?

    Hi, yes its under your dpm (damp proof membrane). i am a little concerned about that as dpm is usually floor level. Yes it looks like a bad case of salts seeping from the bricks and mortar. No need to wash, just rub with a hard brush. You may find though that as time goes one that the 2...
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    Extension Cost

    id say more like 8k... :lol:
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    garage door.

    I take it your on about cutting into three and lifting them out from the top. In which case would it not be as easy to cut 2 vertical lines and push them out, then undo the bolts and take out the remaining. Unless you need to save bits to go over the door frame as sometimes there is an...
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    Porch insulation

    Hi, from what i can see you have about 100mm (4 inch) in depth. With a damp proof membrane on the bottom and lapping up for about 450mm ,stud from 70mm ( 3 inch) timber, stuff with 70 kingspan insulation, screw some wall board to it and get it rendered to look like it did before. This...
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    fire place cover

    Or do like my nan used to do and put an old rag up there....just dont forget when you go to relight
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    Damp - caused by cavity insulation?

    Hi, i have said this before i am not a fan of this new fad of cavity insulation. Your cavity is there for a reason and that reason is to stop damp on the inner leaf of your house, It is also vented, so any damp in the cavity dries out. When we build houses we have to build by various...