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    Do regulations require routine replacement of lead pipes

    If I replace my old conventional boiler ( 40 years old) with a new combi boiler, would I be required by law to replace old lead pipework currently supplying my gas fire and gas hob, even though this would vastly increase the amount of work and disruption involved.
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    All Weather Roofing Compound

    Many thanks for help on this- so far ,although the roof is over 15 years old -no leaks to date . I'm doing the work to rejuvenate rather than repair. Returning to the problem of patches that have appeared subsequent to rain and ponding, do you consider it ok/wise to apply another coat of All...
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    All Weather Roofing Compound

    Hello there, I have recently used the above compound during the recent sunny weather. I primed the felt roof using a general purpose bitumen primer and after 5 days I applied a generous coat of the All Weather Roofing compound (colour BLACK). All well until the recent wet spell...
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    Solar reflective paint

    Hello, does anyone know of a good solar reflective paint? Ideally as good as Rizistal rf2770. Problem being that Rizistal are not trading presently. thanks for any suggestions
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    Solar reflective paint

    I'LL keep my fingers crossed -thank you again for your help.
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    Solar reflective paint

    Thank you for your recommendation - do you think orders will be processed soon or is it near impossible to say?
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    Solar reflective paint

    Hello, can anyone recommend a good solar reflective paint for a very tired felt on hot bitumen flat roof. Probably more than 15 years old thank you for any help and guidance
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    corrugated roof sheeting - plastics clear

    Hello, can anyone recommend a good self adhesive repair product for the above material. Not sure what the sheeting is exactly made of so i guess a general purpose product would be best. It however must be waterproof and strong. Thank you
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    removing and replacing a glass fuse

    Hi, not got capability to send photo-sorry. I have removed cover of dimmer compartment and the only item i can see is the tip of a a glass bulb similar in appearance to christmas tree lights -fuse bulb. This peeping out of a rubber sock.No idea what made it blow just need to check if it has...
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    removing and replacing a glass fuse

    Hi, can anyone give instruction on replacing a fuse in the dimmer compartment on a grandfather and child light. The main uplighter uses a 300w linear halogen . thank you for any assistance
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    Concept 6 Security alarm - battery

    Hi. Does anyone know the specification for a replacement battery for the Concept 6 -this was originally installed around 1997 and has had 1 replacement battery previously thank you for any assistance
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    Re-sealing a pattern imprinted concrete driveway

    Thank you to Chappers and Andehh for your help CANDYPANDY
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    Re-sealing a pattern imprinted concrete driveway

    Hello, Can anybody give any advice on carrying out the above maintenance work. What is the best way to clean and prepare the concrete and can anyone advise on the best products to use and comment on the use and benefits of anti-slip additives. Thanks for any assistance
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    Leaking Fortic Cylinder

    Ok, I have the above named water storage cylinder up in the loft space. My father seems to think it is the Fortic type -me I have not the foggiest. The problem is that over the last 4 or 5months it has been leaking -drops of water coming through the ceiling on the stairs landing...
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    R.A.K series 600 Close coupled Toilet - won't stop filling

    Hello, Firstly tincup could this be the same washer that is mentioned in the pictorial instructions for Service? I am struggling with the part names you mention as non are given in the instructions. Could you come down to idiot level and describe how parts are removed to acess this...
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    R.A.K series 600 Close coupled Toilet - won't stop filling

    Hello, I've got the above toilet which is push button and fitted with a Geberit syphon or is it cistern?. It was fitted by professional plumbers just over 2 years ago. The problem now is that when you flush- it will not switch off just continues filling- sounds like niagra falls- driving...
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    moss constantly growing on brickwork under dpc

    Hello, has anyone got any good remedies for the above problem. I have to costantly brush the moss off -in about 2-4 weeks the problem returns.
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    Pattern imprinted concrete hardstanding -foundation concerns

    Hello, I have recently had my front garden and bloc paved driveway removed and both replaced with pattern imprinted concrete. Could I now face long term problems with the foundations drying out potentially due to surface water being eliminated via an acco drainage channel. My house is...
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    Gas inspection cover on Drive way?

    Can anyone help , There is a small metal plate on my drive approx 4"x4" inscribed with the words Peart and Gas. I am planning to relay the driveway and would like to know if I can concrete over this or must it remain. I have contacted National Grid but they are very slow in getting back...
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    Mortar bed under concrete tiles

    the roofers turned up today and made a start. At the corner that I had previously renewed about 5 years ago -incidentally this still looked perfect just like the day I put it there however the mortar bed under the next tile above looked cracked and a bit dodgy -I did not replace this at the...