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    Washer/Dryer (Indesit) is it normal - dry but hot and steamy

    I have a brand new Indesit Washer Dryer (WDC 61689 ECO EU). When I take dried clothes out after a drying cycle they are quite hot and steamy. The steam quickly evaporates after the clothes are out and they seem dry enough then - just wondered if this is normal?
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    Noise Vibrating Gloworm Ultracom 38cxl Boiler

    Boiler works ok but after about half an hour or more it suddenly makes a noise which sounds like vibrating and I can hear the sound also in the radiators. The sound will stop of it's own accord after ten mins or so but sometimes start up again. I have found if I just turn the hot water tap on...
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    transition strip over concrete

    Thanks, I looked at the naplocks but they all had too big a gap for my vinyl - the gap for carpet fine but too big the other side for vinyl. Mind you I only looked in the sheds and no doubt specialist shops will have suitable but I am going way over budget that way. So I went the drilling...
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    transition strip over concrete

    Thanks your advice, it's a new house built two years back so I think the dpc has to be a regulation level and just a bit paranoic. The existing strip is a nap lock and and I am beginning to wonder if I should go with that again as at least I can tack it down or even glue down quite easily.
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    transition strip over concrete

    I want to join a carpet and thin vinyl flooring using a transition strip that sits on top of these two and has screw holes in it. But the under floor is concrete - can anyone please advise the best way to go about this - do I have to drill into the concrete and put plugs in to accept the screws...
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    water under vinyl planking in bathroom

    I have just discovered a leaking bathroom basin and water has got under the vinyl planking - the water has travelled an area roughly four feet by two feet as there is moisture under the planks when I pull them up. The actual subfloor seems non porous - maybe plywood treated with something...
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    low energy light bulb or start choke failing?

    Is the plinking/stuttering noise for about two seconds on start up normal? I have a 16w two pin low energy fitting in the bathroom. It has been there for just over a year and this week started blinking constantly when turned on. I bought a new bulb - a Phillips 16w 2 pin which is identical...
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    egg stains on brick wall removal

    My house had an egg thrown and it was 24 hours before I saw it. It has dripped and spattered from six foot to ground and left stains. I have tried scrubbing with all these things in turn: when one failed to work I went on to the other- white vinegar baking soda fairy liquid and lastly an...
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    outside wall light bulb position?

    I am putting a new outside light on the wall. The light bought in Spain and made in China The instructions in Spanish say: cuando el aplique sea montado en una paraed, la bombilla debe situarse en posicion hacia arriba nunca hacia abajo. Which translates as 'when fitting to a wall the...
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    Double insulated wiring for outside porch light

    double insulated wiring? I have bought an outside porch light here in Spain (It is made in Germany). It says on the instructions the supply wiring has to be double insulated. The pack contains two silicone sleeves - when fitted over the live and neutral wire are these the double insulation - or...
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    How to inspect flapper valve in Gala double flush toilet?

    The shop advises there are several different flapper valves so I need to bring my old one in.
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    How to inspect flapper valve in Gala double flush toilet?

    I have the Gala double flush type toilet - you unscrew around the push button to remove the lid. The flapper valve is not falling back on it's seating half the time it is used. But I don't know how to get to the valve - do I just unscrew the hollow tube above the valve? I'm scared of breaking...