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    decking just diy on my own

    I do like the dark colour of decking. looks really nice.
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    Wall tear down and Permition advice

    I will open (remove) ceiling inside this cupboard as it been lowered, it lower that hall ceiling then i can see what is going on, if i wont be sure is not supporting nothing then I call builders. So i will be safe. Thank everyone for help.
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    Wall tear down and Permition advice

    Thanks for help That what i thought that is not a supporting wall, We all want to save a bit of money that why i didnt call builder to do the job, as this is not a high skill job, and I am able to do a lot of stuff of my own, The only problem is that I am not 100 percent sure how the house...
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    Wall tear down and Permition advice

    Hello All I have a bit problem with Wall on Hall/Staircase which I want to demolish, and do not know is that is possible, will be great full for any advice given. I will have a company which will make me a new wooden staircase, which involve to destroy landing space into one straight stair...