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    Servis Washer Easi Logic 1600 Fault

    Thanks for your quick reply, however when use spin mode on program switch it will spin normally, which indicated that the pcb could be faulty as its not cycling through the selected program, but I will check this a let you know thanks.
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    Servis Washer Easi Logic 1600 Fault

    Hello can anyone give me some advice on this fault please. On a 40/50oC cycle the washer fills with water (not completely) water heats up but drum doesn't revolve, pump removes water, then it doesn't refill with water to rinse, doesn't spin, programme ends & switches off after a few minutes on a...
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    ACL Lifestyle 679H-340-30LO 3 Port Actuator Vale

    Is it possible to remove the internal part of this actuator as I suspect it maybe a internal microswitch. The fault is when selecting the HTG mode on the programmer the boiler fails to fire up, only by selecting the HW mode does both the HW & HTG come on, with the valve moving to the MID...