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    Brown Gas Meter Box Damaged

    i have a semi concealed brown gas meter box which has recently been damaged. i believe the repair of the meter box is the house owners responsibility so looking at ways to repair. i have an upcoming smart meter installation so wondering if i was to purchase a new box and get the smart meter...
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    Suitability of floor for fish tank weight

    so my new fish tank is arriving soon and for peace of mind i plan to add some additional supports between the floor joists and the concrete solum base. i'm looking to use underpinning jacks - anyone has any experience of using these? are they as straightforward as tightening them into position...
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    Suitability of floor for fish tank weight

    We're looking to install a fish tank in our kitchen and I was looking for some advice to see the suitability of the floor to take the weight. The details of the tank as follows: 5 foot Aquarium Tank – Total weight with water approx. 750kg. Footprint 1.5m x 0.5m Floor Joists are engineered...
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    Is my boiler undersized and what type is it?

    Yeah, it has a temp dial on the boiler which is turned up pretty much to the max end.
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    Is my boiler undersized and what type is it?

    The house does get warm eventually but takes a while. Most of the radiators dont get upto to temperature until 2-3hours after the boiler fires and then another 1-2hours for the room to heat up. My timer in the morning is now set to start the boiler at 3.30am so at least the house is to...
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    Is my boiler undersized and what type is it?

    i live in a 5 bedroom detached house built in the mid 2000s that has recently been extended and now the radiators seem to take ages to heat up. An extra 3 large radiators has been added but I want to know if the boiler is sized appropriately for the house. There’s now a total of 22 radiators...
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    New slate roof - some broken slates - should I accept?

    i’m getting a slate roof put on my new extension and notice that a small handful (maybe 5 to 10) of slates appear to be damaged, either sections at the corners or split longitudinally down the middle. I raised this with the roofer and he says it’s typically unavoidable when when fitting but...
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    Powering a wall mounted soundbar

    This would be the most straightforward and initially my preferred method. I guess my only hesitation is that in my google searches, some have said it’s not permitted to run flex power cables within wall cavities. Although this seems more related to American building code so I guess it’s ok to do...
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    Powering a wall mounted soundbar

    The wall is just an internal stud partition wall which currently has a tv mounted on it already. I was to mount the soundbar approx 4" below the TV want to know the best way to get power to it without showing any cables/trunking. The soundbar is a Sonos Playbar which comes with an 'figure of...
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    Powering a wall mounted soundbar

    I'm looking to wall mount a Sonos Playbar onto a wall which already has a TV mounted. The TV has a switched fuse spur behind it to power the TV. The power outlet is easily hidden due to the size of the TV. With regards to the Playbar, I would prefer not to show any cables and I understand you...
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    Spur from wall socket to ceiling

    I'm looking to install a socket to the ceiling to power a home cinema projector. I would be able to spur it from an existing wall socket by running the new cable behind wall up to the ceiling. A new false ceiling is being installed so I will be able fish it through to the location I need it to...
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    Roof window recommendation

    As part of our single storey extension we are looking to add some windows to the roof for extra light. The ceiling will slope as per the pitch of the roof which is 15degrees. We were thinking of velux style centre pivot windows but as we are only looking to add these for light and not needing to...
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    Roof for new extension - 15deg pitch - Recommendations

    We're looking to build a rear extension to our house later this year. My preference initially was to have a tiled pitched roof as this will match closely to the existing look of the house and should last the longest compared to flat roofs. The roof will also be installed with velux/skylight...
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    Sound proofing room

    I recently moved into a detached two storey house (so neighbours are not a problem for noise) and looking to use one of the spare upstairs bedrooms as a small home cinema. We have a young baby so will have to try keeping the noise down as much as possible and I’m looking to improve the sound...
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    Aberdeen- Looking for Heating engineer in Aberdeen

    Sorry i was meaning I'm also looking for someone to do a boiler upgrade for myself. I'm not a gas engineer myself :oops: If you get someone who does a good job then let me know. Ta!
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    Aberdeen- Looking for Heating engineer in Aberdeen

    I'm interested in this as well for a boiler relocation/upgrade in Aberdeen. If you do find someone decent, then let me know!
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    Relocating boiler, worth changing it altogether?

    We are contemplating on converting half of our double garage for extra living space. The existing boiler is a system boiler (with unvented Megaflo cylinder for HW) which is located in the space which I want converted so I’m thinking of relocating it to the unconverted part of the garage. I’m...
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    Hiding TV power lead behind plasterboard wall

    Hi, I'm wall mounting a TV in my new house and looking for some advise regarding hiding the power lead behind the wall. In my old house I installed a spur to my wall mounted TV which was relatively easy as there was a mains ring socket just below the tv area. However in my new house, the...