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    Toilet flush

    That's a geberit valve.
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    Vauxhall combo sliding door lock

    Hi Push the back of the sliding door to make the pins connect better with the central locking connector.
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    Passat front passenger door wont unlock/open

    Opened once yesterday then stopped again. Thanks for every ones help.
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    Cold Water puzzle to bathroom

    Might be an air lock
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    Passat front passenger door wont unlock/open

    no noise at all. internal door handle raises the knob but it drops back down without unlocking. would disconnecting the battery release it? Thanks for reply
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    Passat front passenger door wont unlock/open

    Hi Merry xmas Anyone else had this problem on there vw passat. It is a 52 plate 1.9 tdi 130. Does this problem affect all vw audi ect? Not a good safety feature if it does. Thanks tincup.
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    Grant outdoor boiler randomly turning on

    Id start looking inside at the 2 port or 3 port zone valves, room stat and tank stat. HTH
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    Mira Advance Thermostatic ATL Shower

    Take the shower head off. Put the hose in a bucket. Turn on for a minute . This test will give several answers is the hose or head blocked. Is there flow, fast/slow/warm/cold If it still cuts out a new one is often cheaper than the parts and fitting.
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    Worcester greenstar heatslave 12 18 problem

    I would say the boiler is operating properly with the info we have and that the controls (3 port valve), a pipe blockage or air lock on the CH side maybe to blame
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    Mcalpine shower waste

    They are the better quality product most of the time. The extra cost is development expense but cheaper ones do the job.
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    Hi It could be that limescale is partialy blocking the pipe at the base or below the tundish. All the water should go out no exception.
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    brown water

    Hi Its possible the coil in the hot water cylinder is leaking or If the building is quite old the pipes are metal and these are corroding. HTH
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    Megaflow losing hot water pressure

    Hi The first thing to check is the internal pressure vessel. How to check this is on the label on the side of the tank.
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    Old rads and power flush or new rads and standard flushes?

    Hi. The rads maybe new but the pipework will be old. A good powerflush will be the manufacturers requirement.
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    Condensation on Toilet Cistern

    Hi A toilet that is constantly filling can have a lot of condesation on it. Check that it fills correctly.
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    Ford radio code

    Hi This site might help
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    Strange oily film/smell in toilet bowl

    Hi Did your plumber use a lubricant like fairy liquid to help fit the joints together? This may leave a oily film for a day or two.
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    leaking toilet inlet.

    Hi If all else fails fit one of these. HTH
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    Radiators hot downstairs, cold upstairs. Need help!

    Hi Have you checked there is water in the upstair rads? HTH
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    Need a concealed cistern loo to fit a recess -photo included

    Hi. Both Geberit and Grohe do good quality inexpensive concealed toilets. HTH