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    Baxi combi boiler losing pressure

    Hi, my boiler was making a loud noise and the pressure dropped off. Called out British Gas, they bled the radiators and repressurised the system and everything was fine. Hey Ho. I then came home from work, and the boiler was on zero. I repressurised, put system on for hour, reading on...
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    Worcester 240 divertor valve problem, Spindle wont reset..

    Sorry, I meant where the hot water micro switches are attached to the DV, not the diaphragm,
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    Worcester 240 divertor valve problem, Spindle wont reset..

    Hi, It was the diaphragm flange. I put a new diaphragm in and it it working now. Although, the part where the microswitches are attached to the diaphragm with a circlip has broken, tried superglue but no joy, had to use gaffa tape in the end. do you know what they are called so I can source...
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    Divertor Valve Reassembly worcester 240

    I have reassembled the divertor valve (with a new washer) on my worcestor 240 but it is leaking, as though the screws are not tight enough. Ive loosened them and retightened but still leaking. Is there a special sequence to put the screws back or should i take it apart and put some ptfe...
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    Worcester 240 divertor valve problem, Spindle wont reset..

    Hi,. You were right about the spring, just took the divertor vavlve apart and the circlip had come off the spindle, reseated it and heating is working but valve is now leaking. I used a new washer and tightened the screws and its leaking from the top, loosened all screws, retightened, but...
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    Worcester 240 divertor valve problem, Spindle wont reset..

    Hello again, I have just had another look, when i push the pin in it comes back out. I figured that if i turn the central heating on, keep the pin pushed in, I should have hot radiators. I noticed that the flow pipe from the pump was hot, to the isolation valve, but cold the other side...
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    Worcester 240 divertor valve problem, Spindle wont reset..

    Hi Tony, I fitted the diaphragm a few months ago and everything was fine, so i dont think its the spring, if it was, wouldnt i have had problem sooner? . BUT I fitted a new radiator last week, all okay until yesterday. I suspected that there may be a blockage in the pipes, It was when I...
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    Worcester 240 divertor valve problem, Spindle wont reset..

    Hi, The problem I am having is No central heating, the hot water is fine. Upon inspectin, I can see that the spindle on the divertor valve is permanently in the hot water position. Normally, when you turn the hot water tap on, the spindle comes out and pushes the microswitch. Now, the spindle...
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    Worcester Combi Boiler fault

    Hi, I have a worcester 240 combi. It fires up ok, but no hot WATER or HEATING. I thought it may be the pump so I took the screw off the pump to see if it was spinning inside and it was. Came on later all working fine. But now seems to be faulty every morning but works later. My worry is...
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    worcester 240 combi-water coming out of air valve.

    Hi, water is dripping from the air vent valve in the top of my worcester 240 . Can anybody tell me why this is. and how I can stop it? thanks
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    Worcester 240 Descale

    I am going to descale the heat exchanger to increase the flow rate of this boiler. ~The DHW has a really low flow rate and does not fire up when tap is turned on. When heating is on, heating is good, and water is hot. Whats the best way to descale it, and will there be washers that need to...
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    descale the heat exchanger- worcester 240

    Thanks What is DS40 and where can i get it? Heating is fine, When i need hot water, I put the heating on, this ignites gas, then tap water is hot but low flow.
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    descale the heat exchanger- worcester 240

    Hi, does anybody know how to descale the heat exchanger on a worcester 240? The flow on the hot taps has gradually diminished over time and there isnt enough flow for boiler to kick in.
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    Worcester 240 hot water problem.

    Thanks for the info. Can anyone tell me how to descale the heat exchanger. Thanks.
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    Worcester 240 hot water problem.

    Help! the hot water flow from my boiler has gradually decreased over the months and how there is not enough flow to ignite the gas . Diaphragm in diverter valve is ok. I think there may be filters in the pipes that need to be cleaned. where would I find them? Any ideas ? :( Prompt help...
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    Worcester 240 leaking between diverter valve and heat exchan

    :( I replaced the diaphragm in the diverter valve in my worcester 240 . Now, the pipe leading to the heat exchanger is leaking badly. The one pipe slides inside a slighly bigger pipe-this is where the leak is. What kind of seal is it, is it an oring? please help asap Thanks