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    No Heating

    so I think I ballsed up, over the last few weeks the heating has on occasions failed to come on, the programmer shows heating and hot water but the rads are cold and usually if I check the pilot light on the boiler is out. Always seem to have hot water though. When the work they are hot...
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    Honeywell St699 to Hive

    Thanks Stem for the info I'll check out the wiring diagrams. Looks like I can get fitting for not a lot more might be worth the extra in the long run.
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    Honeywell St699 to Hive

    well Hive is on offer and the st699 sometimes shows as being on but the pump is not running, I slide the switch to off and back on and it starts pumping so assume it's on it's way out. I have a boiler in the garage, hot water tank with cylinder thermostat, room thermostat in living room and 3...
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    Upvc conservatory roof window opener loose

    Hi, have two opening roof Windows both a little loose where the brackets screw in over the upvc. One side tightened up the other side couple of the screws just turn. They look like self tapping screws into the upvc whic have obviously got bigger over time. Any ideas on how to rectify, bigger...
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    Room thermostat overriding heating

    Well apparently the builder used muppets to fit the system, I had already worked that out. best find someone that knows what they are doing.
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    Room thermostat overriding heating

    im guessing the wiring is a bit wrong. We have a basic Honeywell time switch in the airing cupboard which I have set for heat and water couple of hours in the morning and evening. What we find is even when the timeswitch is off if we set the room thermostat low the heating will come on. We do...
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    Anyone had upvc Windows sprayed or rosewood foil repair

    Hi Have rosewood type upvc Windows, couple of them are south facing and the heat has made them wrinkle and some have bubbles up and are flaking off. Doesn't look to be anyone that repairs foil and the windows are all good apart from that so was thinking about these companies that spray upvc...
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    How to Paint above Conservatory / Garage

    There are a couple of small roof Windows. If they unscrew I might be able to put a ladder through.
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    How to Paint above Conservatory / Garage

    Hi Apart from scaffolding is there an easier way to paint above the garage and conservatory. Standing on the roof of the conservatory would still be a bit low. I'm thinking these hire towers one a side and a couple of beams across might be the way. one side of the conservatory is uneven...
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    Upvc windows bubbling in the heat

    We have brown mahogany effect upvc windows and the front of the house gets the sun on the hottest part of the day. I noticed some of the trim had started to bubble up and wrinkle in places where it has come unglued from what I imagine is a white upvc window underneath. Now I have big bubble on...