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    Replacing old Saunier combi with cond. combi - Use blow off?

    If the room stat wiring is a hassel to run then go wireless they are very easy to install & can be moved to a suitable location as required ie working from home then it can be put in the office during the day. Its not a good idea to use a copper pipe for the condensate, the condensate is...
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    Vokera 20 80 RS Flowmatic - Value?

    probably not worth the hassle, it can't be installed elsewhere not legally anyway, and selling 2nd hand parts will be a hassle ie you wont be able to guarantee them especially after posting
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    Unvented cylinder, easiest option

    The answer to your question is ask your plumber what he's happy with, though Albion & Aristons are ok, but he might like something else
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    Leak Sealer

    Well if its a new boiler its probably not the expansion vessel, and you did say it was the same on the old system. so probably a leak ,if its taken 10 weeks to lose pressure to stop the firing, then a leak sealer will probably be fine , just add it as per the manufacturer's instructions and...
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    Help a novice with a bathroom leak!

    No you dont need solder for these valves just two spanners to tighten the nuts, there are olives inside them (copper or brass rings) cut the pipe so you have a gap of about 25mm then put one nut onto a cut end then an olive and tighten the nut, then repeat at other end, the small slot in the...
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    Broken TRV4 valve

    Just change the head no need to drain anything, it screws off from the metal ring, then just replace the head
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    Quotation Advice for Replacement Boiler

    Well at that price he must be a mate, vokera are mid range and are ok we have fitted hundreds over the years ans not to many problems, though have recently switched to Ariston when asked for mid range, vaillant or Wb or atag for better
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    Leaking toilet overflow

    well the overflow pipe is usually one section, so unless its cracked then maybe its not that, it might be difficult to get to,but worth trying to see if it is coming from the overflow pipe, are you sure its the toilet overflow and not from the cold tank or header tank,maybe if you have them it...
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    Flexible hoses and Gas cookers

    BES sell the flexi anaconda ones. and rated for the job
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    Moving an Attic Boiler

    What if your neighbours dont want to move there boiler? easy option put sound deafening plasterboard on the wall and it would be cheaper
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    Adding a separate control zone to existing CH setup

    You would need a motorised valve on the bathroom pipe work and a 2 channel programmer 1 channel for heating & the other for the bathroom
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    Saniflo - but which toilet?

    I f you want to put the saniflo further back you can do so, you can use a 4" pan extension or it will also accept a 4" flexi, they are quite adaptable. if you intend putting it behind the plasterboard wall dont forget you will need access for maintenance
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    Removing a radiator with x head taps

    The easiest way is probably close the valves, then loosen one from the radiator side of the valve, put a plastic bin liner under the rad to catch the water,open the bleed valve at the top , and drain until empty, then disconnect other side from rad,and lift the rad clear, or alternativly you...
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    overflow pipe from oil boiler - Can it freeze?

    Yes it can freeze and its quite common on condensing lines, upgrade the 21.5mm to 32mm, you can get an adaptor to makle it easy from any plumbers merchant, it might also be worth insulating it.
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    Saniflo - but which toilet?

    Stop before you go bald! nearly all toilets accept a saniflo, as they just use 4" flexi outlets which can be connected direct to the spigot on the pan or to an extension if required, so get what you like.
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    recommendations for a new combi boiler..

    Aristons are not bad generally. The common better ones are vaillant & worcester bosch, atag, viessman etc very good as well, whilst you might pick up one of the above for £800-900 its the installation costs which you need to allow for and the best way to get that is to ask people round for a quote
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    It really dosent matter about the hot water being on or off, if you turn the main off, the hot wont refill from the cold tank, however as there,s no one using the hot water anyway,it wont need any cold from the tank and even with the main closed and someone using the hot it will soon stop coming...
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    Boiler in cold area

    The boiler will generate its own heat when running, however it dosent want to be somewhere freezing cold , the boiler pipe work is full of water so can freeze, it might have a built in anti frost stat which will let it cycle when the temp drops below 5Deg, also all the pipe work running to and...
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    vaillant ecomax 824 boiler how do i set the water and radiat

    Keiron, if memoey serves , there are 2 side by side buttons just below the temp display the one on the left decreases set temperature and the one on the right increases hth
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    Leaking Flue !!

    Well its a concern to have water coming from a flue joint, try to see if its running down flue and just dropping at bend, ie getting in from roof/weatherseal junction, or it might be condensation ,warm gasses going out and colder air coming in and manifesting at the flue bend