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    Replacing old wooden french windows- BIfold, Sliding or trad

    The opening is only as big as the hole in the wall whatever your choice, sercurity is probably better with Bi folds than French doors, makeing the hole larger is a big job removing brickwork, fitting a lintel, makeing good the floor and plastering. Avoid upvc for Bi fold Ali and top quality...
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    uPVC Door Lock options

    Fit a lock barrel with a thumb turn on the inside instead of a keyslot, one screw and you have it.
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    Double glazed units require replacing....

    Expect to pay about £25 a unit fitted if there's a few, these should last about 15 years if properley packed.
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    Replacing double glazed units

    get a local glazier there's so much to go wrong if you diy will you damage the beading, do you know the air cavity,its easy for a novice to break a unit trying to fit it. A small unit eg in a sash will only be about £50 cheers David,