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    Sealing under wooden horse box/trailer floor

    Hi, I'm renovating an old horse trailer so it can be used as a sort of mini-camper for festivals and the like. When not in use it'll sit in the paddock and possibly be used as an outdoor office of sorts, or more likely by the kids as a playhouse. The base/floor of the horsebox is softwood...
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    Grinding disc for tidying mortar

    What would work best for tidying up new mortar? I've made a bit of a dogs breakfast cementing some granite rocks together to make steps on a garden terrace and want to smooth the mortar up a bit and remove some bits of excess and generally make it look a bit less like i've had a fight with a mixer!
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    Painting exterior marble

    Hi, I need to paint my front porch which is an enclosed granite columns with timber glazing and solid wall construction. The solid wall portion has what I can only describe as a kind of crazy paved marble design. Basically a whole bunch of randomly shaped pieces of flat black marble cemented...
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    What type of timber to use on floor joists?

    having spent yesterday taking up all the floorboards, there are actually a couple of partially rotten joists down there. I could either repair sections or replace entirely. The existing joists are 48x100 approx. This is probably a really stupid question, but is there such a thing as a "joist"...
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    What type of timber to use on floor joists?

    Many thanks all, really helpful
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    What type of timber to use on floor joists?

    Thanks biking, It’s a ground floor room. The joists and boards are in good condition. It’s an old house, Georgian, I don’t know if the boards are originals but they’re certainly nice and chunky and so i’d quite like to keep them on top, maybe sanded or painted. There is a cavity under the...
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    What type of timber to use on floor joists?

    i need to raise the level of a floor by an inch. The room is currently empty ready for decorating and has bare floorboards. I intend to take up the boards and fix a piece of timber to the top of each joist before fixing the boards back down. Is untreated rough sawn timber suitable for this...