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    Ceiling rose issue

    I would assume that the red is a permanent live. The black wire on the right is only live when the switches are in the ON position (I know it is 2 way). One of the other black wires will be a permanent Neutral and the other a neutral going to the next ceiling rose in the circuit. To identify...
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    Outdoor Buried Cable

    You can do the donkey work. Dig a trench around 600 mm deep. Clear it of any sharp stones, put a few inches of building sand at the bottom, for your SWA cable to lie on. It will need a few inches of the sand on top of it along with a run of warning tape. It can then be backfilled with soil...
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    Two earths but one earth terminal.

    Normally, sockets or switches with more than one earth terminal have them linked internally. They are not switched.
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    Wiring in a 13A induction hob

    Some of the postings above are totally wrong. Trust me, fit a 13a fused spur from the plate and connect the hob into that. As it is now, you have an appliance that is rated at less than 13a protected by a 45a overcurrent device. The fuse or breaker is supposed to be the weakest link, as it is...
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    Hotpoint washing machine motor pulley

    My hotpoint washing machine belt came off last week after 4 years of trouble free use. Got a new belt, fitted it and it worked until the spin cycle, then came off. The drum pulley and motor pulley look slightly out of line so that the belt overhangs the drum pulley by about 5mm. There is no play...
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    Wiring in a 13A induction hob

    Not sure if you have done it yet but cutting off the plug removes the protection of its built in fuse. What size fuse/breaker is protecting the connector plate? Could be as high as 32 amp. If higher than 13 amp, it will be a fire hazard so you need to tap into the plate and connect to a 13A...
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    SWA only or T+E joined to SWA for new garage supply

    As others have said, it is best to avoid joints if possible, so a continuous cable from the CU to shed would be the best option. However, SWA cable can be a bit of a pain to run through joists and restricted space if there is a long run inside the house. So it is perfectly acceptable to run the...
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    Combi boiler losing pressure, drain dripping, pressure 3.5bar.

    The last one provided a checklist and pressurising the expansion tank wasn't mentioned. Perhaps I need to get someone different in the future.
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    Crossed wires

    Do you mean blue switched through to brown, and brown switched through to blue? If you have a multimeter, at the boiler, the brown wire should be in L terminal and should read around 230v to earth. The blue wire should be in the N terminal and read very close to 0 volts to earth. If that is so...
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    Combi boiler losing pressure, drain dripping, pressure 3.5bar.

    Just an update. Searched for the expansion tank and it is sandwiched between the back wall and heat exchanger. It is a baxi 105he, looks a pig to change if I ever have to. Took off the bar across the top, to access the valve. There was a little air in when I pressed the centre. Inflated it to...
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    Combi boiler losing pressure, drain dripping, pressure 3.5bar.

    Had heating on tonight for about 2 hours. Just looked at the pressure now it has been off for a while and its down less that 0.5 bar, and a wet patch beneath the drain pipe. Following up the replies on here, I've looked on youtube for examples of recharging the vessel. I believe that you isolate...
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    Combi boiler losing pressure, drain dripping, pressure 3.5bar.

    About 2 years ago. From what I have picked up looking at this issue in the last few days I would say that part of the service should be ensuring the Expansion vessel pressure is correct, although I am not sure if he did that.
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    Combi boiler losing pressure, drain dripping, pressure 3.5bar.

    Been having a read about the expansion tank. Is it worth trying to blow it up first with a bike foot pump. If I do have to change it, is it something I can do myself? Industrial electrical background.
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    Combi boiler losing pressure, drain dripping, pressure 3.5bar.

    I have a Baxi 105e combi boiler, around 10 years old. Does a good job of warming the house but the pressure drops fairly regularly, and I have to top it up to 1-1.5 bar at least weekly. I noticed a slight weep and a bit of rust around where the heating return is and assumed it was that. However...
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    3ph to Single Phase

    Nothing wrong with making leads up. The pins in the connector will probably be labelled L1, L2, L3, N and earth symbol or E. Use one of the Ls for live and N for the neutral, obviously. If you have a multimeter just check that you only have 230v at your socket not 415v. Probably best to use the...
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    Supply to external LED striptape

    I would prefer to leave the 230v inside the garage, just taking the LV to the planter, but that's a good suggestion. Don't you need a line of sight for the controller to work from the remote control? Will it work if shut away inside an enclosure?
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    Supply to external LED striptape

    I'm looking at installing LED RGB striptape in a planter in my garden. I already have a 3 core SWA cable from my garage to the planter that was used for old halogen lights in the 90's. The tape I have been looking at has a 13A plug top, supplying the power supply, then that feeds a small unit...
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    Adjustable dusk to dawn sensor

    The Steinel type suggested above seem interesting. I see the adjustment range is 0.1-10 lux, so it just shows how light it must be when switched at 70 lux. Regarding the comments on timers, it is actually tied in with a timer but I don't want to keep adjusting it as the nights draw in/out. Just...
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    Adjustable dusk to dawn sensor

    I have an existing sensor controlling my outside lights, approx 20w of LED lighting. However they are coming on way too early. It is the panel mounted block type where a circular hole is made in a box and the window containing the LDR is visible protruding. I've searched the various suppliers...
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    Led strip lights for garden.

    Only about 5m, and cable is 1.5mm