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    Need ideas and help on garden project

    that grass in that link looks to perfect to be real...
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    Sand before turf

    by eye should be fine mate
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    Sand before turf

    hi mate its ok to turf in feb as long as there is no frost due within the first couple of weeks of turfing i tend to spread a pre-seeder fertilizer before i lay turf just to encourage quicker uptake it sounds as if you soil is good enough drainage wise but just keep it from getting...
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    keep an eye on the forecasts for your area, do not lay if it is going to freeze or flood if there is going to a few days with rain then perfect mate it just really depends on the ground conditions, is the area prone to waterlogging?
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    Recommend a lawn mower - self propelled

    i would keep clear from honda due to the expensive spare parts i use hayter machines every day and would go for them recently we sent our hayter away to get a new gear box which was £60, the equilivant part for the equivilant honda machine was £800 according to the mechanic I cant see...
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    What Ladder to buy??

    it was up the top of the forum room so thats why i replied to it?
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    What Ladder to buy?? i have ladders like the ones in the link there, i paid only £70 so shop around and youll get a decent price they fit in a car no problem with the seats...
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    is this normal?

    Hey all Just finished a job for a customer and now they are playing funny beggers! As the job was going on i was constantly asking the customer "is there any other bits you want done, any bits i've missed?" every time the answer was no. Now i walked around the garden with the customer...
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    B&Q £200 cement mixer - anyone used it?

    can only echo the comments about the belle mixer they are fantastic and you will definitely recoup majority of the money spent
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    Core aeration

    "coreing" lift the cores out with the hollow tiner then lift every core that comes out dont leave them lying then top dress the lawn with lv20 sand, dont use any old sand out of b&q even lawn sand will do when you core it lifts roughly one third of your lawn dont leave the cores lying...
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    pay rates

    lol i wish that was all it was
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    pay rates

    3rd year apprentice greenkeeper £10,000 i also do work on the side for £8 an hour :)
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    Cheapish cordless nail gun for fencing and diy

    Does ryobi not have anything like what I'm looking for?
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    Cheapish cordless nail gun for fencing and diy

    Hey all I'm looking for a cheap cordless nail gun to use when putting up fencing and other jobs around the house but mainly fencing in mind Tia
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    Is this soil good enough for turf

    do you have pics?
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    Spray on product

    like this?
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    Small garden project

    looks really good mate whats the dimensions of your foundation for that?
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    Garden Overhaul

    new dilemma lol building to planters 2 rectangle planters lll l l l l lll that sort of style 15ft x 2ft long sides are 15ft and then top and bottom is 2ft now i've got 2 like that, how much concrete will i need for either planter? its just single brick i was gonna make...
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    Warma Style Radiators

    lol 3 forums lol due to the extent of the problems we have encoutered we are going to replace a few of the rads thanks very much
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    Warma Style Radiators

    Hey All I'm stuck! lol Looking for a supplier of Warma Style Radiators Now i have been searching around for these on the internet because the local merchants told me the company who made these is now out of business There seems to have been a common problem with these radiators, the...