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    Mira Advanced shower has stopped draining water

    Water comes out of shower fine but the drainage function has just stopped. This has happened before and a plumber fixed it immediately. However, I didn't ask them how they did it because at the time there were several other problems with the shower. I've tried long pressing the shower button...
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    Least disruptive way to knock down tiled cabinet?

    In my shower wetroom there's a tiled cabinet attached to the wall that is used to store a shower pump. This cabinet is rotten through on the inside and needs to be removed and replaced. It's a council property and workmen and scheduled to come round in a few days to knock it down. The thing is...
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    Does this look like asbestos?

    After it's been tested, should it be encapsulated with a paint spray?
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    Does this look like asbestos?

    1960s-70s council estate.
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    Does this look like asbestos?

    Hi all, I was hoping I could get some thoughts about the ceiling in this airing cupboard. I'm suspecting possible Artex based off its appearance and the building's age. The area in the lefthand corner looks uneven and different. I remember that corner looking patchy when I first moved in...
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    Does this plastic part underneath kitchen sink come off?

    I'm cleaning the plastic pipes underneath my kitchen sink and would like to remove this white plastic part. I've tried twisting it and pulling but that hasn't worked. Would this part be detachable or is it integrated? Thanks.
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    How to increase water flow on a mira shower?

    The water wasn't draining away properly so as a temporary measure they turned the tap down. I'm guessing the stop tap is the copper pipe? What does the Whale box control and what is the white tap below the stop tap? Thanks.
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    How to increase water flow on a mira shower?

    I would like to increase the flow/velocity of water coming from my shower. A plumber came round a while back for an unrelated shower issue and said they had decreased the flow rate and did this via the airing cupboard.
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    Rust on bottom of radiator

    The bottom edge of my bathroom radiator is starting to show signs of rust. It's next to a hand basin so it does get a bit of water on it. After removing the rust and repainting, is there a product I could use to prevent rust from returning? Thanks.
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    How to remove outside cover of extractor fan?

    Hi, I would like to remove the outside cover to clean the inside. This is what it looks like. Do you just remove the plastic covers with a tool and then use a screwdriver? Thanks
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    Are these rawplugs above window?

    These circles go along the piece of wood above the window recess where the curtain pole is attached. I was wondering what they are and if they can be removed. Thanks.
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    Uneven flow of water in kitchen taps

    The left image shows hot water the right image shows cold water. In both images the handles are turned the same amount but the hot water comes out in a narrower stream that splashes water outside the sink and it stays narrow even when fully opened. I would like to adjust the hot so that it flows...
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    What size box spanner would remove this backnut?

    I'd like to buy an individual box spanner rather than a set of them to remove this backnut from a small bathroom basin. What size box spanner would do the job? Thanks
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    Water in wet room draining slowly

    The water is draining slowly during use and leaving a large puddle. I've tried: liquid drain unblocker, a drain snake and boiling water, two packets of baking soda and white vinegar, but nothing has worked. Could it be a problem with the pump not the drain? I remember having a similar problem...
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    Green paint underneath wall paint?

    Hi, in the bathroom where paint is flaking off the walls there is green paint underneath. As it's an older council property I was wondering if this wasn't old paint which might contain lead. It seems odd to have had bathroom walls painted pale green. Is this even paint or something else?
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    Combi boiler making hissing noise

    The initial problem was just a radiator that wasn't heating up properly, the technician fixed it in minutes by turning off all other radiators and tinkering with the radiator that wasn't heating up. He didn't go near the boiler. I wonder what could be causing this. I would like to turn off the...
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    Combi boiler making hissing noise

    I meant the technician fixed the radiator problem initially so all the radiators work now. Right now they're switched off. The noise is there whether they're turned on or off.
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    Combi boiler making hissing noise

    Another short video of the noise around the boiler pipes
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    Combi boiler making hissing noise

    I undid the screw until some water came out then retightened it.