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    Electric UFH without thermostat

    The mat we have already installed is in the link
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    Electric UFH without thermostat

    Hi Bernard Many thanks for your rely. I am. to take it that we should be laying the self regulating cable throughout the area we want heated and this will not require the use of a thermostat? In our case, we have already laid an off the shelf heating mat into the area although the system has...
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    Electric UFH without thermostat

    Hi all Was wondering if anyone can give any advise here please? We are installing electric underfloor heating into a bay window situation which is about 2m square. We want to ideally install this without the provision of a a thermostat. Is it possible and advisable to install such without a...
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    Drill Spyhole - Help!

    Ok, thanks, bit will the hole saw type not damage the exterior of the door? Is there any other way please?
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    Drill Spyhole - Help!

    Hi Can anyone advise how best to drill a 32mm hole for a bigger spyhole/camera into a composite door where a 14mm hole already exists for the existing spyhole? I am thinking a spade bit is no good as there is nothing for it to 'bite' into. Any ideas appreciated. Regards Asgar
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    Joining Chipboard floor (for shed)

    Hi all I am building a metal shed in the garden. The main foundation is that of concrete. The sub floor is two pieces of chipboard floor both 5 foot wide. The sub floor will sit on the concrete base. My question is having butted up the chipboard floor together what is the best way in...
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    GRP Canopy

    My grp canopy over my bay window at the back of the house is looking quite dull now, can anyone suggest what to paint/treat it with at all? Regards Asgar
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    Laying a Foundation for a shed

    Hi I want to find out how to lay a foundation or sub floor for a plastic and metal shed that I am to buy shortly. Can anyone advise in addition to the slabs etc, what I need? Regards Asgar
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    Cleaning Tarmac

    Hi Just moved into new house, drive has tarmac, is in pretty bad condition, any ideas on how best to clean up tarmac please? Regards Asgar
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    Hello Have just puchased and installed a new bathroom suite. The worktop is a black peice of slate. Any good ideas as to how to protect the worktop and to make it waterproof? regards Asgar
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    Shower Pump Noise

    Can anyone tell me where to get the mounts or the rubber foam please?
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    Polish builder

    HI can anyone reccomend a polish builder in the birmingham and environs area? Regards Asgar
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    Shower Pump Noise

    Thank you to all for your posts.....BS3036...can you suggest where I can get some of this rubber foam please?? regards Asgar
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    Converted Garage

    Hi Thanks for your reply, are you please able to expand a little bit, as I am a novice at all of this. Thanks Asgar
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    Which underfloor heating??

    Hi We are having our bathroom done, and are interested in having underfloor heating installed, of the electric variety. Can anyone suggest any options on any good kits, websites, prices etc? Thanks Regards Asgar
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    Converted Garage

    opps...sorry, the post should read 10 to 11 years old!! duhhh!!!!
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    Converted Garage

    Hello All We have recently moved into a 4 bed detached which is about 10 to 100 years old now. There was a garage which is an integral part of the house (i.e one of the bedrooms is on the top of the garage. The previous owner has converted the garage into a room, which would make an...
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    Shower Pump Noise

    I have recently had a shower pump installed in a new thermostatic shower system. The pump is situated on a small shelf within the cupboard that houses the hot water tank within the bathroom. Everything is ok with the operation etc, the only thing that concerns is the level of noise of the pump...
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    Masonary Paint spilt....please help!!

    Hello Can anyone please advise me of the best way in which to remove unwanted masonary paint from brickwork? :-) Thank you Regards Asgar
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    Asbestos Shed

    ok thanks Any idea whats the safest method of dismantling it? Thanks IMPEX