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    Earth rod for EV charger

    I checked my paper documentation provided by the supplier/installer. It is the same as the online document, saying: "These features emit the need for the installation of ...". Whilst "omit" would make a little more sense than "emit", it doesn't look like good grammar. Maybe "eliminate the...
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    Earth rod for EV charger

    Hi, sorry it has been a few months. As a few people questioned whether the device exists, I have an answer. I had a PODPoint device supplied & installed last year, subsidised by the £500 government grant. Installer connected it to my TNCS supply - I objected and demanded a TT install. I took...
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    Wiring 4 cables to a plug

    As I have a 32A home chargepoint, I have never yet had to use the 13 amp "Granny cable" supplied with my VW. Part way along that cable is a big rubber-cased box containing some intelligence. It handles communications with the car, and has inbuilt RCD functionality. EV forum,
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    How do I operate this mechanical timer plug

    They do not last for ever. With the stamped number suggesting it dates from 1997, must be worth buying a new one at the supermarket.
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    Control knob on Bosch electric cooker trips RCD

    switch assembly (they call it a regulator) is easy to replace. eSpares is where I got one.
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    Changing light switch from dimmer to standard.

    It does seem unfair and maybe simply wrong to blame Wickes. (I am not un-biased) They do have a website, where you can identify the required switch before you go, and even check stock in their stores. Wickes 10A Light Switch 1 Gang 1 Way White Product Code: 710016 Only costs £0.89, a big...
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    Is this power lead and adaptor suitable for uk use - from china

    You are lucky that the appliance has an IEC connector. Could just use a UK standard IEC (kettle) cable.
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    Meter fitter caused a short circuit

    A colleague has just rented a house, and after a few days Scottish Power forced entry and fitted prepayment meters for gas and electricity. Valid court order against previous tenant, and upon sending proof of tenancy change they promised to reinstate meters. Except the next day the house had no...
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    LED Floodlights

    I have bought one from Amazon for £6.62 that looks like the CPC one. It is the 10 watt version, but it is phenomenally bright. As it was replacing a 150 watt halogen I had my doubts, but it is...
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    Garage Wiring - Socket Lighting Advice

    I agree with DetlefSchmitz that Eric was looking at it back to front. As I understand it: - the SWA cable (size unknown) is fed from "the main box in the house" although disconnected due to water leak. - there is no C.U in the garage. SWA is possibly fed from its own fuse/MCB (rating unknown)...
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    4 electric toothbrush plugs into 1 socket.

    How about one of these: only £6.99 Could cut off the 2 pin plug and fit a 13A plug (with 3 amp fuse).
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    Metal pattress in drylined wall?

    I have a socket on an exterior wall which has an identical-looking back box & cables. In mine, the 2 x T&E are the ring, and the "conduit" one is actually the gland of a SWA taking a un-fused spur to a detached garage. It was installed when house was built in 1980's. I would suggest looking...
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    praise for DNO - mains was 138 volts

    I had a very strange condition this week, all power to house failed. I turned off all MCBs except one lighting circuit - one CFL then illuminated. Mains input was 138v, and it dropped further as load was added. Called DNO, 2 truly brilliant guys from SP came out, and diagnosed within minutes...
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    Overhead TP supply and scaffolding

    Surely the clue as to why it is 3 phase is in the sign behind the van: "Your Pub is getting even better"...
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    Telephone master - am I totally stupid?

    Important point that seems to have been overlooked was the desire by the OP to avoid a £120 charge. That sounds like standard BT installation charge for new connection. If it is a new connection, by all means connect one socket, 2 & 5, to the 2 wires from exchange, to see if you get a dialling...
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    New Garage Electrics

    In my opinion, people like Ban-all-Sheds are the life and soul of this forum. His knowledge and helpfulness are exactly what is needed. If he criticises people, it is with good cause. My vote goes to Ban.
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    flourescent light safety hazard

    Thanks for replies. Yes I thought it must be the input. My local DIY emporium has similar products where the input is male and the output is female. They are linked either by physically slotting one light into another, or by a male - female flex. These SF ones I have are definitely male input...
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    flourescent light safety hazard

    Does anybody have experience of these products? Mains Flourescent lights linkable by a 2 core flex with moulded plugs. Unlike similar products in the sheds, this has mains ouput consisting of male pins into which the flex connects with female connector. If that connector falls out, live pins...
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    semi recessed basin in worktop

    Many thanks. I had wondered about no nails but not gripfil. will give it a try.
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    semi recessed basin in worktop

    Trying to install a semi-recessed wash basin into a worktop. Basin wobbles and there does not seem to be any way to secure it to worktop. Any suggestions what I can use to put between basin and worktop that will stop wobble and hopefully stick basin to worktop?