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    Eagles new album

    The best album(well dvd actually)was WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER in lovely dts.awesome.
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    monday morning moan...........

    Just lately i have noticed that when i am shoppint there are lots of kids IN trolleys and not in the seats that are provided on the trolleys.The reason why i think it is annoying is because. A.the kids could have dog pooh on their shoes? B.there is a sign on the trolley thats clearly states...
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    see below
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    i'm back.what have i missed.

    Thanks for the replys everyone.A great shame about notb though.
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    i'm back.what have i missed.

    Have i missed anything since i've been away?is moz still about?what about empip?I've been busy recently (2 years).new house,new car,d.i.y. etc............
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    attaching a fence post to a tree?

    I have a problem at the moment with the placement of fenceposts?I have a 30' shared fence that is 3' high and is completely overgrown with ivy and the panels are as rotten as a pear so i decided to replace them with concrete posts and 150mm high gravel boards and slot in some panels,the problem...
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    Lottery Win

    lamborghini red with the eyelashes.mmmmmmmmmm
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    rhubarb and custard.
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    why are you.............

    whenever i do any diy such as knocking down walls or pruning trees with a spade(i just dig them up) my wife says OHMYGODWHATHAVEYOUDONE. true.
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    saab 95 HOT aero auto. good points. 250 bhp cruise climate leather comfy roomy. bad points. 250 bhp + fwd :shock: 21 mpg ins grp 18 servicing costs.
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    Smutty Innuendo Bingo

    betty swollocks
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    This Is England ...Friday Film Review

    Thomas turgoose used to come into my shop as i live in grimsby but he always had very short hair and was really cocky but was'nt rude.ta da.
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    Smutty Innuendo Bingo

    hairy pigs nipples
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    What i can't understand that if it was my kid that was missing i would not be able to sleep properly,eat properly and i would burst into tears everytime someone mentions their name?I would'nt go for a nice walk on the beach for the tv cameras i would be knocking on every door asking questions...
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    Missing Girl In Portugal

    If it is true that the parents left a 3 yr old ALONE then they have no come back in my opinion.Just think about it,if there was a fire or leaking gas in the house then if the parents did check up on her every half hour then that still does not make it right.The parents should be charged with...
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    using different fonts

    Hope someone can help me with my problem? I am using ms office home & student on vista 64 and would like to use a font i downloaded for use in word 07. Thanks in advance.
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    honesty when selling?

    to tell you the truth i was just happy to get the house,i did'nt know about the aforementioned until i had exgchaned contracts.I paid £145000 and just had it valued in its present state at £189000 but i have paid for 3 tonnes of rubbish to be removed and it also cost me over £1000 for the...
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    honesty when selling?

    About a year ago i bought a detached house and as everyone knows we filled in the form that states something like "have you had any disputes with the neighbours etc",when we got the copy from the sellers it was stated that they had no disputes? Imagine my surprise when i talked to the new...
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    stair varnish?

    hope someone can give me some advice regards varnish/lacquer for stairs?At present i have solid oak lacquered flooring in the downstairs hall and thought it would make a nice feature if the stairs were the same.The stairs wood is pine i think with knots and have been stipped and sanded but would...