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    meter tails

    alright m8 depends on size of shower dont fancy trying to get 25mm tails into seprate encloser
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    10amp ok for lighting ?

    i got one lighting circuit protected by 6amp mcb type b that is tripping when all lights are switched i've got allot of down lights and flor fittings i've had an electrican recommened 10amp could anyone see a disadvantage to this or what would you recommend? thanks for any feedback
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    is it ok type c rcbo 6amp ?

    just want to know if its ok to fitt 6amp type c or not
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    is it ok type c rcbo 6amp ?

    is installing rcbos type c bad or good type b breaking capacity 30amp type c breaking capacity 60 amps i would say not to use type c due to cable failing before breaker your views please!
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    Zs live Testing - does everyone do it?

    on consumer unit change would you cal zs as dead test is safer than live
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    Zs live Testing - does everyone do it?

    Zs live Testing - does everyone do it? Or do you use a calculated Zs instead
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    testing for borrowed neutrals

    on changing fuse boards has anyone got a sucssesful method of testing for borrowed neutrals before changing ? finding probs on changing boards then to find borrowed neutrals on two way lighting on stairs and wall lights thanks for any feedback !
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    Too many electrical courses!!!!

    im 31 i've done 2360 part1/2 2391 inspection and testing 17th edition reg course niciec heating and controls thinking of doing more electrical courses cant make up my mind domestic installer niceic pir niceic course or 2391 part2 design and verification of electrical installations could...
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    8.5 kw shower cable size

    has any one had to install 16mm according to 101 ref method for 10.5kw
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    8.5 kw shower cable size

    fare point i think im just feeling sorry for the old lady as ive seen 6mm cable to 8.5kw showers in the past with longer runs and there has been no probs i guess i should go by regs and start installing 16mm for 10.5 kw showers in loft installation :lol:
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    8.5 kw shower cable size

    ze 0.17 60898 type b 32 6mm2 cable clipped direct with loft insulation on top protected by 30 mamp rcd x1 69 ms thank you for eny feed back its an old lady 87 just had bathroom dones not wont damage to tilles i know it would be ok but boss insists shoud be 10mm im in two minds regs...
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    8.5 kw shower cable size

    can i fitt 8.5 kw shower using 6 mm2 cable 3m from mains board only thing is its going through loft insulation more than 100mm would it be ok to use trunking with insulation on top would this effect cable calculations
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    showers affected by loft insulation ?

    6/2.5 for 7.2kw and 10/4 9.6kw im i reading the onsite guide right if going through thermal insulation ? what do they mean buy thermal insulation is this loft insulation ? if so need 16mm for 10.5 kw shower are you having a laugh! what are you all recommending shower power for 6mm and...
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    alteration and additions

    do you need to provode rcd when you have added an fused spur or lightiing point if existing instalation does not have one ie old wylex board
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    high earth readings

    rewirable fuse 30amp skt he mesured the zs first then seid it might be the suppliers earth so done reading at fuse board and seid ze was ok seid i needed full rewire
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    high earth readings

    could enyone tell me more information the electrician mesured 3 ohms at skt and ze of 0.34 ohms tn-s