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  1. J

    Paint repair

    Forcing wax oil into the drain hole from the sills ? Will that not lock any moisture inside? Or will it drive it out ? .
  2. J

    Paint repair

    You need to check if water is getting into the sill ,not sure how to do that on a polo
  3. J

    Paint repair

    Maybe treat the metal first with a rust converter then prime /bodge/prime/gloss coat Use a hair dryer first
  4. J

    Tongue and groove around corner bath

    This kind of stuff ?
  5. J

    Tongue and groove around corner bath

    Where do you buy that plastic?
  6. J

    Floorboards suddenly becoming squeaky

    Get a pipe detector , not really sure if they work though
  7. J

    Cost to replace consumer unit

    Sorry to hijack this thread , would it be much more expensive to replace a fuse box with a consumer unit ? . I've never had a problem with it but don't fancy messing around with fuse wire is a problem occurs
  8. J

    Internal door hanging cost

    Hi I'm thinking of replacing my internal doors . I would need 8 doors replacing with like for like standard doors . Roughly what sort of price would I be looking at to replace them labour only ? Thanks
  9. J

    Clutch burning smell

    It was up a hill onto a friend's drive , it was quite a harsh dropped kerb so I revved more to get over it .
  10. J

    Clutch burning smell

    Hi on Saturday I was reversing onto a steep drive and having to rev a lot . After parking I could smell a burning clutch smell ! Have I damaged my car ?
  11. J

    How often should a combi need topping up ?

    A friend of mine has to top his combi up every 3 months or so . He called British gas ( he has cover ) the engineer said it all looks good and sometimes older boilers lose water , it's only 6 years old ! . Is the engineer talking BS ?
  12. J

    Boxt boilers

    Anyone worked for boxt ? . Surely it's a rip-off for the customer and the gas engineer as a marketing company is doing well out of it !.
  13. J

    Lock shield leaking when turned off

    Just been balancing my radiators or at least trying to . I noticed one of my lock shield valves leaks when it's turned off but doesn't when it's fully open ! . Wouldn't you think It would also leak when it's open ?
  14. J

    Baxi 600 , is it any good ?

    Just had my boiler serviced and my gas engineer said he could install a baxi 630 for £950 . Is this boiler a piece of junk ? £950 is extremely cheap
  15. J

    Internal reducers

    Hi I've just had my gas guy in to fit a magnetic filter to my boiler . He used 22-15 internal reducers to make it fit . Everything looked ok but I've just noticed a tiny weep , it takes about 30 minutes before more water appears (maybe a drop). Will it just need nipping up with a couple of...
  16. J

    Fernox omega filter , what reducers to use ?

    Yes it's 15mm pipe work and I've got a feeling my gas guy might have have to fit the filter on the flow side of the boiler , I know it's not ideal and some might say useless . But I don't have a filter at all on it at the moment. There isn't really any room on the return unless he adds some...
  17. J

    Fernox omega filter , what reducers to use ?

    Thanks , so I guess that just goes inside the the connectors on the filter ? Thanks
  18. J

    Fernox omega filter , what reducers to use ?

    I'm having a fernox omega filter fitted on Saturday . It's 22m but my pipework is 15m , my boiler guy told me to get compression reducers to go with the filter . Can anyone post a link to what I need please ? I'm getting the filter from Screwfix . Thanks Jonny
  19. J

    Can you fit a filter on the out pipe ?

    That's brilliant thanks , it's on a combi
  20. J

    Can you fit a filter on the out pipe ?

    I know it's better fitting a filter on the return pipe but is it ok to fit it on the out pipe ?. My return pipe doesn't have any spare room thanks to the filling loop !