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    house insulation?

    so leaving a window open when drying clothes is the only solution then? the loft insulation is the spongy roll of stuff thats about 5-6 inches thick. also i have a whirlygig (webbed clothes airer) in my garden. its out in the open on my decking. if i were to build a roof over it, will my...
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    house insulation?

    its a timber structure with red brick on outside. plasterboard walls. also on both sides of the house upstairs we get mould along the ceiling at the window. what do i have to do to stop this too?
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    house insulation?

    my house is impossible to heat in the winter and costs a fortune because of our electric radiators. i am thinking of doing the following: 1. there is a hole 2ft x 1ft on the floor under my sink where the pipes are running to under floor. covering that up with 19mm plywood cutting round...
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    Timber for a good strong gate

    this isnt spam guys. i work for a timber merchant in glasgow called - - - - - - LTD. We suppy all of the materials you suggested in this post. we do special seletion jobs. what i mean by that is say you want 2 or 3 pieces of timber to have matching grain, then we will dig through the pack to...