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    2 x 2.5 T&E

    Lectrician, yes you are correct I have 100mtrs of 2.5 t&e and a limited budget,lol. I also thought that 2x 2.5 would actually give a greater tolerence to drawing a bit more power on brief occasions. I am trying to save money, but certaintly do not want to create a dangerous situation (it is my...
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    2 x 2.5 T&E

    Morning all. Aside from regs, can someone explain to me why you cannot use 2 x 2.5 t&e instead of 1 x 4mm cable? What is the actual problem? For an example. I want to run electrics to a workshop 40 mtrs away. max draw about 4KW. Cables clipped to outside (covered) wall. So since there...
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    Worktop edging strip

    It is normal for it to be too big. Now, there are as many ways of trimming it as there are shades of colour! My personal method of trimming it, is to cut it fractionally too long, glue it using contact adhesive, then level it with the top of the worktop. The use a file to file the front and...
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    Depends who you listen to. I always lay rough side up, but others swear it should be the other way... but at least the glue sticks rough side up. woody
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    How's business

    As a carpenter, snowed under until mid January. But it's been a funny year, in July i had just one enquiry the whole month and was really starting to get worried, but in September and October it's gone utterly mad - trouble is everyone wants it tomorrow... woody
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    Woodwork/weatherboard on gable end - which trade??

    Seconded! Use a carpenter, you may want one (like me) who also has his own workshop so can make the woodwork up off site first. woody
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    How not to aks for a 'job' as mate or apprentice

    I had a CV arrive the other day it started Dear..... (nothing, not even Sir) it then went on to say I am consheentious (note the spelling!). At the end it wasn't even signed, yet it had been sent by "Career Wales". It went straight in the bin. If they cant even be bothered, then neither can...
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    Door hanging(inside out)

    Les, it's that old catch 22 isn't it. If they open outwards they get a bar and pry them damn things apart. If they open inwards they kick they ruddy things in. Cant win can you :-( (still, keeps us chippies busy.hehe) woody
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    Big-all, just for once for may disagree with you! ;-) I was under the impression that cutting the wood, could create a bit more warping, as you're taking the strength out of the remaining (now shorter) grain). isn't that why if you're in a joinery shop, you have to get really seasoned timber...
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    Gord, yes it is one of the birds, but I cant remember which one, it is as you've said the linseed oil they're after. In this day and age of upvc, silcon and beading I haven't seen it for years! Woody
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    Worktop mitre - left to right???

    Olly, like everything mate, it's only when you've done it the hard way, do you find out the easier and more correct way of doing it ;-) Although I'm a chippy with 20 years under my belt, I still get it wrong and still ask questions, but thats the fun of doing it! Woody
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    Worktop mitre - left to right???

    Olly, sorry to correct you, but you should only cut in about 12mm steps at a time. each mitre cut should take about three passes. It puts far too much strain on the cutter edges otherwise. (Otherwise I agree with the rest:-)). As regards which surface to cut from, it can depend on the jig...
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    Scratched glass

    Foregive me for for going off topic just a tad, but many years ago, the new,rather arrogant and pompous Mangaging Director of the large building firm I was working for, called me into his office. The building was made from precast concrete and over the years, the acid from the concrete...
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    UPVC Front door

    Andy, I'm a bit confused there mate. firstly you ask about price for fit only, but then seem to complain about a Supply and fit price. Is it a back door or a front door? it does make a difference For a supply and fit with full warrenty and done by a FENSA regulated company £800 is not...
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    Help - GU FFN120 UF8, 591-950, 6-896.02. Window lock

    Oldie, it is VERY hard to match up locks exactly. I've always found the best bet is to take the part (or get them to come to you) to a local independant double glazing company, with many years experiance. Especialy if they do maintenance work for schools hospitals etc. they can usually find...
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    Breezer, I'm not sure if a blowlamp is a good idea on fabric! :lol: Woody
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    no idea what flooring to choose

    Hi and welcome to the site. Whatever you choose I would strongly recommend against Laminate in bathrooms. a) It generally is not good in wet areas (due to it's constuction and water absorbancy) b) It can be VERY slippery when wet c)Men's aims :roll: arent always very good, and a...
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    Kitchen Worktop taken a hammering

    Rich, one of the guys a bit more up on the use of beech can advise you more regarding the correct product and application method. But speaking as a chippy, I would use a slightly courser grade of sandpaper intially, taking the wood back to it's more natural colour. Then go back over it with a...
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    Interior doorframe warping

    Without knowing more it's a bit hard to answer. How old is the property? any other signs or problems? etc etc. However, if we asume all else is fine, house is a few years old, settled a bit. Then all you need to do is put a couple of 3" x 10 screws into the frame (drill a little pilot hole...
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    Problems fitting UPVC Front Door

    I'm sorry cant comment on fitting the door, as it's benn a while! However just to say that the glazing beads can be very tight to fit, that is quite normal. If I get really sruck, a tap onto a block of wood with a mallet works quiet well. Woody