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    Slow draining sinks and issue with washing machine drainage

    I agree with all of the other suggestions, plus, it may just be a venting problem too. A quick easy test is to temporarily remove the AAV and try again taking care not to have water pour out the top of the pipe where you removed the AAV, as newboy said, its very low. But if it drains away...
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    Replace a simple room thermostat for a time control one?

    Sounds ok to me. I have the same setup and did the same thing many years ago. I used a programmable thermostat from this range: which looks to be the same spec as your link.
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    Digital shower under £1000

    As I said, I have used one of theirs, the Digital, for 10 years. I'm not a salesman or advisor so why ask me to comment on their range or compare them to other manufacturers. You can read their web sites as well as I can. Your Welcome !
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    Digital shower under £1000

    I've used these for about 10 years now and very happy; I have the aqualiser digital exposed pumped. This one uses around 12lts per min norm and 18ltrs per min on boost. Installation is one box, around the size of a large shoe box and is fine in my loft from a hot...
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    Win 7 Now cant send email using Outlook

    You don't give much detail e.g. can you Receive emails.. Having recently migrated some PCs from XP to Win7, my experience is that OE isn't supported beyond XP and you just migrate to Windows Live Mail - WLM 2012 is the latest. Its supported, its also free and its been working for me for many...
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    Bosch Dishwasher not draining well

    An uncertainty there; what about running it whilst you have it out and holding drain into sink to make sure.
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    two rads.. worth selling?

    They are barely £10 to £15 brand new; tip them.
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    External wall - cavity insulation behind radiators

    Hi, I'm in a 1980's house with cavity walls and no cavity insulation. I'm needing to take some of the window sills out for repair and all of them are on external walls (obviously they cry) and have radiators beneath them. So I'm thinking of insulating the cavity that I will have access to...
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    Rattling heating pipes

    Could be a bunch of things; new boiler has different heat up / cool down periods, pipes slightly moved, normal house movements etc, etc. The good news is that at least with your 'floorboard step' tests, you know where to attack the problem and have a fair chance of fixing it unlike some who...
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    Filling a fireplace rebate

    I think there may be building regs in this area, but even so, your probably better off posting this in the Building forum before you get someone in here suggesting you pack it with newspapers.
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    Enclosed shower cabin leaking

    Fit a 15mm elbow; or isn't this a plumbing question :!:
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    Rattling heating pipes

    Loose pipes. Lift the boards, secure the pipes, refit boards.
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    Digital pumped shower hot water connection

    ....... that plus not wanting to follow the installation instructions hardly seem a sound basis on which to proceed to do something different ! This model is designed to work with negative Head; gives out 13ltrs per min standard increasing to 18ltrs per min when Boost is used; all by following...
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    Cooker extractor hood fan not working (DIY diagram within)

    Thats not the logical way to go about testing/diagnosing the problem. Plus, if you can't figure out how to do what your attempting, with live mains, leave well alone.
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    Cleaning Bath & Basin

    Yes there are products for this. The selling point on a shower cubicle I looked at some time ago was that it was pre-treated with such. You also find similar in sunday newspaper catalogues, usually aimed at keeping car windscreens clear. Can't recall the product names but if you search you...
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    Aqualisa Quartz Drip

    Same problem some time ago, same fix. Watched the guy change the whole module that did the flow control. 5 mins.
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    motor / humming / resonating noise from flat plumbing

    Sounds like a toilet machinator which would be fitted into a loft conversion i.e. a waste disposal unit (electric motor grinder) fitted to the loo which grinds the output when toilet is flushed, to allow it to be put down a 2"'ish waste pipe. But you say its too frequent for that ! Maybe its a...
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    Programmable room thermostat

    As stated above and many, many available;
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    Collapsible / folding shower rail?

    Have a look at this;