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    Increasing joist height to match other floors

    We are creating an larger open plan space upstairs. One room (older) has joists that are 18mm lower. We also want to fit UFH using spreader plates between the joists. I could fit 18mm T and G across the whole floor but then I've got double the wood width so the room will heat and cool more...
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    Lofty whole home ventilation system - any good?

    Thanks for that, I am assuming that bridging is the cold in the outside brick layer being absorbed by the double glazing surround which makes it even colder and so more prone to this correct..? So in my case where I only have a small problem better quality windows which...
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    Lofty whole home ventilation system - any good?

    Hi all, Firstly there definitely seems to be a strong divide in the room between the 'open the windows' side and the 'it works side' and I cant work out which one Im on. We have a 1930s house which I feel has adequate ventilation (but Ive not had a survey done by an expert). We dont heat...
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    Box profile roof insulation

    Hi all, My garage has a pitched roof with box profile plastic coated steel/metal sheets. Its a single pitch from side to side with guttering along the lower edge. It looks like the trusses have been homemade but it all appears solid. There is little additional weight on the trusses except...
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    Indesit W101

    Hi there, I have a similar problem with an Ariston AIB14. I have some dodgy relays. Does anyone know where I can get replacements..? The local 'engineers' keep sugesting buying a new board!?! They are intermittant at the minute and some slight physical intervention will usually get them...