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    Duct along edge of wall,should I paint or wall paer over?

    i would put that as the wall. carl
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    stained woodwork to gloss

    hello i have some stained woodwork but i want to gloss it can i just use normal undercoat or do i need a special primer? many thanks
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    i have got to quote a job up but need a little help

    hello everyone i am goin to quote a job up what the man wants doin is the stairs stripping then if the walls are in good condition paint the walls if not he will need to get a plaster in. as for priceing the job would you quote the stripping first then see what the walls are like to quote the...
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    Mist coat actually neceassary?

    i used to work with a painting company from when i left school and they never ever used to mist coat from this forum is the first time i have heard of a mist coat but i do belive what most of the painters do say i here so i think the company i was with was telling me wrong. What im trying to say...
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    Is vinyl matt emulsion different to matt emulsion?

    matt emulsion is more designed for bare plaster becauase it dont have vinyl in the paint matt emulsion is alot cheaper than vinyl matt emulsion so for 10 pound a tube if it is 10 litres is matt emulsion not vinyl. contract matt is more of a base coat paint, vinyl is a top coat paint because it...
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    Gloss on Gloss rub down...

    just key the gloss that will be fine. carl
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    how to paint fascia over conservatorys

    thank you there is a window just the only problem is it is stained now so he wants it rubbing down then undercoating and glossing so there is alot of work on there so think it tomuch work from a window and the ladder. i also thort of 2 towers but 1 side is very narrow so it would not fit down 1...
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    how to paint fascia over conservatorys

    just never come across aythin like that so just wanted to know. did not know you needed to be a pro to know i needed a scaffold.
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    how to paint fascia over conservatorys

    what you mean am i a pro? i thort there might of been a diffrent way than scaffolding. carl
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    how to paint fascia over conservatorys

    hello theres a customer that wants the outside of his house painting but he has a conservatory with plastic features on top of the conservatory so there is noway i could put a plank across the top? how do you lot all do it i have been thinking and can not think of a way to do it? thanks carl
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    Can anyone recommend me a quality brush for satin wood

    thats why its hard for you not to get brush marks. i would only use waterbased if the job is a rush job some people may not agree but its not as hard wearing than oil based paint the oil based paint sinks into the wood alot better, with water based paint i noticed it just sits on the top of the...
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    Can anyone recommend me a quality brush for satin wood

    kilo have you got yourself some acrylic undercoat primer becauase it is hard to get no brush marks with acrylic paint . acrylic paint is never as good as oil based paint and never sticks to old paint as good so thats why it might be flaking. carl
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    Dulux Trade Satinwood

    me myself would just give it a little rub over to get some little snots of the first coat also it will give it a little key so the 2nd coat will hold better. carl
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    Painting new sash windows

    Thats what i would do but i use 2 coats of undercoat on new window. dont forget to knot the knots in the wood. carl.
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    using patterned wallpaper around corners

    thanks zampa i will give that ago. carl
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    using patterned wallpaper around corners

    I am wallpapering a bedroom in the house i am using a patterned wallpaper i have been reading up of how to do wallpapering around corner so i had a clue i what i needed to do. What i did was put about 1 inch of paper around the next wall then butted the off cut lenth upto the wall but the...
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    wood stains wood oil and wood varnish whats the diffrence

    can you use wood dye over other stained wood? or do you have to get it back to the natural wood. thanks again
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    wood stains wood oil and wood varnish whats the diffrence

    thank you for your help. In the leaflets i have been reading they say stain is for outside use so would coloured varnish be manly used for indoors. many thanks
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    wood stains wood oil and wood varnish whats the diffrence

    could you all tell me what all there jobs are becuase i have been reading books and they all seem to do the same thing. many thanks
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    Strange patches

    first you need to find why the stains are geting there. we used to just put oilbased undercoat on stains and that used to work well. carl