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    Real Download Problem

    I would appreciate some help please. I'm trying to download a message from the Orange message centre, but I'm getting an error message on Real Download to the effect that the modem is not connected even though it clearly is. Any ideas anyone?
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    Dial Up Problem

    I recently changed from Freeserve Anytime to Wanadoo Broadband. Now when I open Outlook Express I get a message in the Dial Up box saying "invalid username or password". I can fix it by changing the name of the service I'm connecting to from Freeserve Antime to Speed Touch, but the change...
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    Garge Ceiling

    SD Carps - sorry for the delay in acknowledging your post - I've been away from home recently. Your advice much appreciated. I've found some fire resistant boarding at my local builders merchants, but thanks for the web address anyway.
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    Garge Ceiling

    I have a 1920's house with an integral garage and bathroom above. I want to put a small hatch in the garage ceiling to access a shower trap in the bathroom. The existing ceiling is plaster on expanded metal, ie non combustible. Presumably making a hatch cover out of plywood is not ok. I'm...
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    Shower Tray Installation

    Many thanks for the advice each of you. I've trimmed the joists as suggested and the problem is solved.
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    Shower Tray Installation

    Many thanks for the advice. What about cutting a six to nine inch section out of the obstructing joist to allow space for the trap, then bolt-through a nine by three timber to one side of the two parts with something similar on the other side, so the original joist is sandwiched. The new...
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    Shower Tray Installation

    I want to put a quadrant shaped stone resin shower tray in a first floor bathroom which has a one-inch boarded floor over nine-inch joists. I would like the tray to sit as low as possible on the floor, so I don't want to mount in on a platform. I know the tray has to be supported on a ply base...
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    Startup Window

    Thanks Igorian. I've printed off the info you referred me to and will do the job when I'm more wide awake.
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    Startup Window

    About two years ago my pc was infected by a virus which although now gone, has left me with an empty window that appears during the bootup and overlays the desktop until I close it. The window contains nothing and it is headed C\WINDOWS\STARTMENU\PROGRAMS\STARTUP\KAK.HTA Does anyone have...
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    Bathroom Electrics

    My bath is in an alcove and I would like to fit lights in the walls at each end of the bath. These would be about three feet above the bath and would be of the circular metal surface mounted type and suitable for use in Zone 1. I would plan to run them off a spur from the lighting circuit that...
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    Strange IE6 problems

    Ian84 I have exactly the same problem and to begin with the infection on my pc even prevented me downloading Spybot or similar. Thanks to Igorian (a big thankyou to you), I obtained Spybot which fixed the 107 problems it revealed and enabled me to get Adaware which is dealing in stages with...
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    Cable Routing

    Many thanks for that. I think I will use a slightly longer route that takes the cable well away from the partition wall. Now for my next query - is there any way to have a combined shower cubicle light and ducted extractor fan starting when the shower is used - apart from having to remember...
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    Cable Routing

    Is it OK to route the 10mm cable from a cu to a 8.5 kw shower switch vertically through a 3-4 inch thick studded partition wall which is part of the shower cubicle, by using holes through the noggins and enclosing the cable in metal conduit (22mm copper tubing actually). My concern is that the...
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    Explorer Problem

    I would appreciate some help please. Recently Norton Anti Virus quarantined a couple of trojans on my pc. Since then when I boot up, although I get the usual desktop, none of the icons respond apart from Norton which then triggers the dial-up which I can use to get into the net. Clicking on...
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    No CH

    Sounds like you have an airlock somewhere - probably a pipe-run filling from both ends. With my system, even after I've bled all the rads, at first only the upstairs heats up. The answer I've found is to close all the upstairs rads, close the bypass and put the pump on the max speed for a few...