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    preparing walls to decorate

    Size it with a weak mix of wallpaper paste first. Regards Fred
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    saving money on plastering

    No! Absolutely not. Do no use one coat plaster for anything at all! It's awful stuff! Regards Fred
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    Part P and Park Homes.

    I'd assume so but can't be certain. As far as general building regs is concerned though, it's dependent on whether or not it's used as a holiday home or permanent residence. If it's a permanent residence then it must comply with double glazing regs, insulation etc if it's a new park home...
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    kitchen radial

    Evenin' all, Fitting a kitchen with a mate this week and today client asked if we could fit an extra socket. I said no, mate said yes! Looked at existing setup and I'm convinced it's unsuitable for its intended use. Radial is in 2.5mm cable, 16A MCB at CU (RCD protected side of split load...
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    Scam Baiting

    Soggy, Are you Shiver Metimbers? Really really him? You're a legend! I've been following your progress for years now and I love it. You've certainly got bottle doing what you do! Regards Fred
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    Muppet on eBay

    No, I see it as more of a moral obligation - you list something on eBay with no reserve then you sell it at whatever price the auction ends at. I wouldn't take legal action against anyone unless they'd stolen my money. I don't somehow think a court would enforce an aBay auction sale, they'd...
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    what grade sandpaper for hardwall

    I wouldn't be sanding it back where it joins - there shouldn't be any need to. It should've been joined to the existing plasterwork flush or even a mm or two below existing level and the feathered in with skim. I think you'll struggle with any grade of sandpaper but you could start with a...
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    Muppet on eBay

    What is it ith these people! I bought a tap on eBay yesterday. Auction started at £1 and there was no reserve. I got it for £5.50 at the auction end. I got an e-mail from the muppet later stating the following: "Hi there we are not prepared to sell the item for £5.50. In the description we...
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    airport demonstrators

    Ha ha yes, but did you see the news last night when the reporter asked one of the demonstrators when he last flew. The demonstrator stuttered and stumbled, hesitated and then gingerly answered that he flew about once a year - talk about avoiding the question and then still managing to put your...
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    Tools you can't do without

    Hi Joe, No, I've only got a few margin trowels of various different lengths and widths (athough they ain't that flexible) which seem to do a reasonable job although a springy pipe trowel sounds pretty useful I must say. Off to Screfix tomorrow anyway for a couple of things (in addition to my...
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    They don't have Sky One! That means no 24 - the only reason I used to have Sky until I found out where to watch it online. Now I only have freevieRegards Fred
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    Plastering on top of wood

    Just use normal 12.5mm plasterboard but before fixing it to the wall build a wooden frame on the INSIDE edge of the fireplace, recessed enough to that the plasterboard is 2 - 3mm below the existing plaster surface when fixed in place. Remove a little bit of the plaster skim on the existing...
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    Plastering on top of wood

    To be blunt - It won't work. Just use plasterboard instead of ply. Don't forget though - you need to have a vent when covering a chimney opening or you could suffer damp problems, regards Fred
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    Tools you can't do without

    Couldn't live without my finishing trowel. Or my buckets, mixing stick and paddle, hawk and guaging & bucket trowels for that matter. Plastering is what earns me my living though! Non essential kit - cordless circular saw. Fantastic. Use it for much more than intended. The biggest time...
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    Need Advice Can i directly paint a plasterboard

    What boards have you used? Square edge or tapered edge? You're gonna need to tape and fill the joints first and then yes, you can paint the boards but it might be worth a post in the painting and decorating section to see what's the best way to go about painting the boards to achieve the best...
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    Hi Gas, Wait 'til your plasterer comes out to quote and ask him / her. If all the paint / paper is off then I doubt they'll want you to do anything more unless they're feeling a bit lazy in which case hey may ask you to PVA it. Regards Fred
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    plasterboarding u/b.

    Ahhhh, as in a RSJ? Metal? Wouldn't advise dot n dab then. Cut some noggins to size so they're just a little bigger than the recess in the RSJ. Knock them into the recess on both sides at regular intervals - suggest 450mm. Now use these to screw battens into from ceiling to bottom of RSJ...
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    plasterboarding u/b.

    Apologies, I may be being completely thick and may kick myself several times when you tell me but if you let me know what a u/b is then I might be able to advise. Regards Fred
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    New contract at work

    Unless they're willing to return the favour of providing you with a six month notice period the it could uite easily be deemed to be an unfair term within a contract and as such, unenforcable. regards Fred
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    Sheer genius Corsa driver

    PMSL :lol: I like this reply: "FFS Mate ur babbling on about a 1.2 corsa sxi here as if its some sort of track weapon ,my sister used to have 1 a theese and tbf it didnt have enof power to pull a jews fore skin back ,of course she didnt drive around with the back seats folded down and...