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    Radiators with no heat - run out of options

    Hi All, I have read through several forums and tried everything I could see but with no luck. The house has 10 radiators all of which are stone cold. We have a Vailaint ecotec 630 boiler which has sufficient pressure, the pump works and the hot water is fine. The radiator symbol is constantly...
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    Hardcore Sub Base for gravel path

    Whats the key to a good sub base for this? Is it to compact it as much as possible? Are garden stones okay to use?
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    Hardcore Sub Base for gravel path

    I have had some useful responses on the height of a gravel path which I am building alongside my house. Below the gravel path I want to put a hardcore sub base as that is what has been suggested. However I am too tight to buy a load of hardcore as I have lots of rubble/gravel/old cement and...
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    Gravel path along house

    Hi there, Help please, I am building a one metre wide gravel path alongside my house. Does it all need to be 2 bricks below the DPC? I have hit really tough ground and am struggling to dig it down any further. Hoping I can get away without but still want to do the right thing! Many thanks...
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    Bathroom Extractor Fan

    I have recently moved in and our bathroom extractor fans do not work. Am I right to assume they should come on with the light switch? Is it a straight forward replace and refit job? First time user. If you need more info please let me know.