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    Painting drawers

    Thanks for the help. These particular drawers are going to have metal brackets so should hold ok for the contents, although some others I'm working on I might use 16mm. Is there are particular type of clear varnish she uses? Some of them tend to go brittle. I've thought about trying floor...
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    Painting drawers

    Hi, I'm building a some drawers by hand out of either 12mm MDF or plywood. In the past I've just painted them with gloss, but this hasn't given a very strong finish, and eventually the paint either fades, or chips, or the contents stick to the paint. Depending on the paint. Does anyone...
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    Shed Renovations - Roof Tile Torching

    Hi all, Inside my shed, there is torching which is crumbling from the roof. I'm confident that the roof itself is in good order, and any ingress of water will be minor tile fixes. I'd like to repair the torching before I put in a flat ceiling with plasterboard, so that the shed is well...