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    Concrete roof - Do I need acrow props?

    Sorry for the question on an old post but how did you get on as I am currently looking at the same sort of job to do on out outhouse.
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    Demolishing outbuilding with concrete roof

    Again I know it’s an old thread but how did you get on? I also have a free standing outhouse that we want to take the internal walls down but need to take the reinforced concrete roof off first. I will be getting builders in to do this but wanted to know how you got on?
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    Baxi Boiler pressure increasing and overflowing

    Thanks, is this something simple to do or should I leave it to a pro?
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    Baxi Boiler pressure increasing and overflowing

    Hi all I have a Baxi Duotech Combi 28HE Boiler and have noticed that the pressure is increasing and water is coming out of the overflow. This only seems to happen when the Central Heating is on. It seems to stay at 1 bar if I just use the hot water but as soon as I switch the heating on the...