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    2012 Ford Focus automatic

    May be worth getting the auto box oil changed first ,cheapest option
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    How to install a shower screen with a notched tile?

    Cant see how deep notches are ,cant you put a bead of silicone on the frame work to fill the gaps and silicone up down frame afterwards
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    Slight humming in pipes...

    try playing about with the position of the stop tap ie if fully open try closing it slightly every day to see if noise goes or changes
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    Mondeo mk2 wipers stop mid screen

    Could be the park switch in the wiper motor.
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    Combi tripping RCD in heating mode only

    need to measure your earth leakage with out boiler on. you may find some other fault is casing a high earth leakage and when boiler is on CH that's just enough to trip RCD
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    Micra K14 Engine oil filter cover stuck

    Silly question but you are undoing it the right way ? if you are if you can run engine to very warm and try again then
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    Can't get tap handle off

    try pouring hot water over it from a kettle then wiggle it
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    Light Fitting Resonance!

    Could it be a loose connection in the loop in loop out for next light (if wired that way ) so if any light turned on after that point could cause that buzz/arc sound
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    New clutch/slave cylinder problems

    Looking at your year of car ,I thought the slave was external so no gearbox removal .fingers crossed it is like you said they have not looked at it yet
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    New clutch/slave cylinder problems

    Looks like your slave just bolts to the gearbox no removal of box required. A new clutch would have stronger springs in the clutch cover (as its new) this may have just been another to make a weak/ tired slave to leak. I would hope the garage would work out a deal for you in costs ,but its 6...
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    Ground side switched

    you say you only have two wires ? usually they have 4 + 1 wire 12v 2nd wire 5 v then a ground What year is the car ?
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    2013 Vauxhall Astra

    could be cooling fan relay (contacts stuck closed) try swopping with a donor one to confirm
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    Unblocking 10mm CH Pipes with 12V Air Compressor

    Loads of video's about using pumps to unblock pipes . But be carefully
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    How to unblock soil pipe without much access

    Any external waste pipes going into the soil pipe ? if so you, could try there to take waste apart, and rod there
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    Water Hammer after pipe repair?

    Could try turning the stop tap down a bit . they may had turned it off for repair and just turned it back on fully worth a try.
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    External garage electricity wrongly connected to neighbours supply

    Could it also be dangerous if they have plugged something into the garage supply and say using it in the house ,and both houses may be on a different phase. Not sure I am asking ?
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    Scirocco Screen Washers not working

    Generally its the washer jets them self that freeze . That's the idea of the heated washer jets on most cars now
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    Strange socket behaviour

    Try plugging a plug(any plug) in and out the socket half a dozen times and flicking the switch on the socket on and of a few times .If the sockets are not used a lot may have dirty contacts .Doing the above may clean them up
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    Slow draining Bathtub

    HI I had the same problem with a bath room sink all waste pipes clean and good fall , went on for a couple of years. Then had a problem with toilet blocked ,found a blockage on main sewer pipe ,cleaned it and had no more problems with sink so may be worth checking, rodding main sewer just a...
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    Tyre pressure sensors

    Friend of mine had a Vauxhall brought after market sensors had a nightmare trying to get them to work ,had to buy Vauxhall own, worked straight away