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    Treating / Painting external render below DPC

    Thanks jondecs. I had thought of a microporous paint and Sandtex looks like the favourite but I suspect a water repellent is likely to be more effective in allowing the render to breathe. I've been reading up on Microshield. It's a microporous product ie water repellent which is...
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    Treating / Painting external render below DPC

    I hadn't thought of Bitumen and at first it didn't appeal too much. I did a bit of searching and there is more choice than I assumed. Technoseal Rubber Based Paint seems to be a bitumised coating and is available in white as well as black so may be the way to go. I can only assume it will...
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    Treating / Painting external render below DPC

    In common with many neighbours I've experienced flaking of bricks below the DPC. I now have a cement/sand render over the bricks up to the DPC and would appreciate any advice on how to treat the render. I would prefer to use paint although I appreciate this will need re-painting every few...
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    Flaking bricks below DPC - treating mortar render

    I hope this is in an appropriate forum, if not my apologies. My bungalow is around 40 years old with the road higher than the properties. Rainwater tends to build up at the front of the properties, which in my case is gravel on top of solid clay. This is not normally obvious unless I move...