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    What should I have done

    So I'm in the quietest isle in supermarket picking up ice cream and Brussels. There is a shopper family (mother/daughter?/friend?/kids). No sign of a trolly or basket but the mother has a large wheelie bag which she is repacking obviously having placed her shopping in before going to the...
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    Sound Proof Teen's Bedroom

    May I suggest that you add the new door into the lounge. Then rather than have two new walls in the lounge area you put one new wall up (at the left hand end of your rough plan) say 8ft(2.4m) from the L/H end across the whole room. That takes away the 'corridor' and provides a less 'public'...
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    My Lad's NZ Rugby Trip

    Don't forget to organise the ESTA's for the party.
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    The right to have multiple children

    More children = More people = More Resources Consumed = GLOBAL WARMING. Look at Portugal - housing crisis there, looks to be worse than the UK's. UK is now one of if not the most densely populated country in Europe. It's time to stop child allowance and TAX big families (Especially...
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    Home security

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    Yet another example....

    Deleted because the system deleted the dogs name. Bye!
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    Plod has 'regrets'...

    Please - definitely needs supporting!
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    Sash window not staying up

    The outline in the link will give you an idea of the work involved. Please note the edit to my previous posting above. I'd expect the cost to repair one window in London by a 'one man band' C&J not more than £500 for a full day including parts and parking.
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    Sash window not staying up

    If you think repairs are your responsibility* ask at a local glass suppliers for their recommendations on a suitable person/company to do the repair to a "Wooden Box Sash" window - it does seem to be a modern south of England thing to call the opening (sub)frame of all windows 'sashes'. *Quite...
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    Guidance needed for becoming an electrician

    Blue, black or grey? :-)
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    Sluggish laptop

    Normally I would expect the SSD to be the boot and operating system drive; the HDD to be drive data and infrequently used programmes resides on. Maybe you should consider a reorder of drives and a reload. How much physical memory is in the machine? You need at least 16gb better to have 32gb...
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    Sash window not staying up

    Is the top sash fixed or sliding? Is the complete window assembly timber or plastic? If the answer is timber then you need to find a carpenter and joiner who understands Box Sash windows as there is an amount of deconstruction to do. Make sure the pulleys run freely. If the window is plastic...
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    Door frame

    Thanks for supplying the opening sizes. Those dimensions are not standard English door sizes. I would say there has never been a door hung there nor was it ever intended to have one installed*. I doubt if the timber in the aperture is a proper fitted door lining so I'd be very wary of hanging a...
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    Door frame

    A few measurements will help. Distance between the wood uprights and the floor to ceiling height. Distance between the 'sand/cement' sections. With the visible thickness of the timber I'd say that is a door lining but does seem to be very narrow. Typically such are 5inches wide. Have a close...
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    Paying a day rate

    Boss collects me around 07:45, then it's either to site or builders merchants.
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    Meeting affordable housing quotas, as long as it doesn't reduce your profits

    No, sorry, they have been giving it to people of child bearing age to have big families so there will be housing shortages, travel congestion, hospital blockages, and loss of green space.
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    Return to sender ...

    I sincerely hope so - the amount of rubbish I used to get from Anglian Water that I'd return not known at this address.
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    Overheated extension reel

    Used to regularly holiday on an onshore cruise boat,12 punters max with 2 crew. One week there was a gentleman in the party who had led, say we say, an adventurous life in the company of other gentleman... We discovered, mid trip that he couldn't read as one or both of the 'electric' toilets...
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    Damp kitchen floor - liquid dpm or underlay?

    Two heavy coats of liquid DPM including up the walls to one course above the wall damp proof layer.
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    Damp kitchen floor - liquid dpm or underlay?

    What is under the underlay?