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    Immigration at a record level...

    Not a lot of point in pointing this out to the likes of ellal and co. They are actually part of the problem especially those that said they were going then didn't.
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    You are in the top 9%

    Or go somewhere where you are happy and take a few other forum members with you.
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    Blame anything/anyone but...

    Give it a rest and go where ever you wanted to go when you decried this nation a while back. Brexit has been supremely successful. Bollo to the economics, thatcher and subsequent governments did for that. Brexit got us away from the corrupt bureaucracy of the eu. I have to say though that this...
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    Leaning chimney pot - advice needed

    Even if it's not about to fall down, and that is exactly what I would think if I was about to buy that house, it looks b****y silly. Get it done properly.
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    So they knew all along...

    What people carried on voting for privatisation? I was never asked to vote on it. Unless you mean those that voted for the corrupt tories. To be honest after blurr there wasn't anyone else although I haven't voted for anyone since thatcher destroyed this country.
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    Karcher patio cleaner

    I bought a cheapo of Ebay, £25. Looks like a karcher one, probably made in China like the karcher one. Works excellent. As said it contains the majority of filthy spray that normally ends up halfway up the walls if you just use the pressure wand. I can buy three or four of these compared to the...
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    Repair Miele fridge freezer or replace

    Just buy a new one.
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    Kings coronation bank holiday.

    Perhaps it's time that you and your population and some others on here, (especially one who said he was going to greener pastures once but then bottled it,) used that door.
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    What would you do if you had over £700m in your bank?

    I'm one of nine kids so I have lots of brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces. I have two kids of my own and seven grandkids, five great grandkids. They would all be made for life. I have a couple of friends that have been good to us who would also benefit. The rest I would do my damndest to...
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    WEF and Globalist Puppets in WEFminster.

    Much more to the point why on earth do the mods on this forum allow this ****e? It's a DIY forum not a mouthpiece for fifth collumnists.
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    More Brits believe Earth is flat than think Brexit is going very well, poll shows

    Good grief some of you clowns don't half talk a load of rot. We voted to be in the Common Market years and years ago. That was good enough but the powers that be decided, without asking the British People, to give away our sovereign powers to foriegn countries one of whom had tried to invade...
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    Microsoft to turn it's back on the UK?

    You still here OP? Was a time when you said you were going to do that. Pity you didn't. As for Microsoft that's good news.
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    What am I doing wrong DVD will not play.

    The reason the DVDs wouldn't play is because you did not have the right codecs installed on your computer. That's because Windows 10/11 and pretty much everything from Microsoft or Apple is a pile of junk. I get my codecs from here and I use the Media Player Classic provided...
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    Comments on these roofs please

    Well you have had the advice. The guy is a fraudster and should be reported. It's not likely that your friend will get her 4 grand back but she certainly wont unless you go down official routes, such as they are. The whole lot needs taking back to the roof and if that is rotten due to leaks then...
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    Amended approved planning - yes Ive been a little bit naughty

    A troll obviously. Let it stew in it's own cess pit.
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    Cost Saving of Wood Burner (kw/h gas consumption reduction v's cubic meters of wood burnt).

    And they stink not to mention the dust and smoke discolourisation that can occur. I was quoted £4000 to have one installed and that was on top of buying the fire and the flue bits and pieces. I don't think the company wanted the job but I declined anyway. My son in law sells seasoned firewood so...
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    Who knew? Emergency alert mobile phone test

    The answers to your questions are yes, yes and yes. It's been added surreptitiosly by the government, such as they are, and if you have a mobile phone then yes they can and do spy on you same with your computers and other tech. Did you not know what the cookies are for?
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    Drain off Valve leaking after system drained for new boiler - advice please!

    Old ones usually do leak when they are opened and then closed. Those "installers" should have know that and either replaced it during the job or repaired it for free. As polesapart says.
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    Government emergency alarm

    Mine didn't go off because I turned my emergency thingy off. The wife's phone did because I forgot to turn hers off. If we are about to get bombed I will go outside and look up and get it over with. I live up a hill so not a lot of chance of flooding up here. As for the rest of it I'll just take...
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    More Brits believe Earth is flat than think Brexit is going very well, poll shows

    A good proportion of them on this forum no doubt.