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    How to connect power cable with two lights using terminal block

    Thanks, So currently there is a LED light (in the porch). I am planning to add one more LED light (Not downlight). Switch -----------> Existing LED light Proposed: Switch -----------> Existing LED light + New LED light Both lights will be controlled via same switch. Does that help? Thanks
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    How to connect power cable with two lights using terminal block

    Hi, I need to connect two lights connected to the same power source. When you turn on the switch then both lights will turn on. I understand that the 3 terminal block would be very useful but not sure how to wire them. Any idea? Thanks PS. I am not an electrician just a DIY enthu.
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    Remove Stones (slabs) and lay grass from garden

    Hi, I am first time buyer and first time garden DIYer. Our garden is fully paved with stones (slabs) and bricks. At the far end its paved with stones which I think is about 20 years old. I would like to get rid of the slabs (square) and lay grass lawn. When I lifted one slab and I can see sand...
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    Increase length of Loft Hatch space for new door

    Hi, I need to increase lengh of the existing hatch in order to fit a new new door. I am attaching graphic. - The green in the middle is existing hatch space. - Thick Black bars are Big Joists. - A bit smaller gray bars are smaller joists. - The red square is the...
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    What is this material ?

    Hi, I appreciate, I had post same question over 6 months ago. At that time it wasnt very visible so I could not tell what it is. A handy man had a brief view and said it could be asbestos at the time. Now it's just started to come off and I could collect sample and hence the pictures. Can...
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    Changing conservatory roof and Build over agreement

    Hi, We have a conservatory build in 2003. The conservatory is build over the sewage drain pipe. As it was done in 2003 the proper process was followed at the time. All the paperwork is in place for this. It was done by previous owner. Now we want to change the glass roof to solid roof...
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    Zanussi DWS 939 Not working after initial noise/start

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help with my dishwasher problem? I have problem with my Zanussi DWS 939. The machine turns on and when I put the program on (A/B/C or D) it looks like it starts as makes some noise (non water related) and then goes silent. I can hear the washing tablet flap...
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    nest installation with Worcester 28Si II

    Thanks everyone for your response but special thanks to @stem the help with above. I have managed to install it using this. :)
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    nest installation with Worcester 28Si II

    Thanks for the detailed response. Apologies for the question but what do you mean by "a room sealed cover"?
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    nest installation with Worcester 28Si II

    Hi, Anyone knows if Nest 3rd Gen can be installed with Worcester 28Si II boiler? Any pointers? Thanks
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    detached garage roof leaking

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help with how to fix this. The detached guarage has got a roof (which I think is asbestos roof which is pretty standard). The under the hood its got PVC cladding from inside the garage. But I have started to see the drops appearing from underneath the...
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    Is this asbestos? (threads amalgamated)

    Yes its where it nail is. The brown stuff looks like varnish. The porch is outside of the house and I guess hence you could call it freestanding?
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    Is this asbestos? (threads amalgamated)

    Just to be clear the query is about the bit highlighted in the middle.
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    Is this asbestos? (threads amalgamated)

    The reason I have to act on it because the ceiling has started to fall from one side.
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    Is this asbestos? (threads amalgamated)

    Hi, We have got 70's porch. I am been told by one of my mates this looks like an asbestos but not 100% sure. If someone could tell from the pics attached if this is an asbestos? There is a thermocol sheet on the top and behind that apparently there is asbestos board/sheet. Its got some...
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    Is this asbestos? (threads amalgamated)

    Hi, The porch in our house was build in 1970s. In the porch's ceiling there is a thermocol sheet. Visually looking at it the behind of that sheet there seems to be asbestos. I am not 100% sure but it looks like one. I am planning to remove it myself (poss. in one piece with some safety gear)...
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    BOA for changing/repairing roof?

    Hi, I am currently in process of buying a house which has a kitchen build over sewage pipe. When it was build the Build Over agreement was not required (because of the law at the time). Completion Certificate and PP was obtained. All the paperwork is in order. The kitchen has got flat roof. I...