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    Adding weather compensation and HW override to boiler?

    I've just started reading up on weather compensation systems that can be retrofitted with the aim of reducing the flow temperature to maximise the efficiency of a condensing gas boiler, as and when appropriate. In 2009 with the extension I had a new boiler fitted, a Baxi Duo-tec combi boiler...
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    Repositioning oven cable outlet and isolator?

    I'm preparing various channels in the wall ready for the new kitchen wiring and some plastering. The new kitchen will be installed pretty soon. We have an oven and a combi microwave/oven above it in a single tower and this will be replicated in the new kitchen but moved about 15cm to the right...
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    Wine cellar butyl liners, and gluing to the DPM?

    Thanks. That is exactly how the construction was intended to be anyway, except we had the wrong sort of damp-proofing. The inner blockwork has been demolished pending finding the correct DPC. So no, we won't be losing any space when we build inside a butyl liner. The base of the butyl liner...
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    Wine cellar butyl liners, and gluing to the DPM?

    Perhaps I might have time to try to upload a sketch tomorrow. But it's fairly straightforward. The utility room comprises DPM, base slab, insulation, floor screed in that order. The inner vertical faces of the outer walls of the cellar are flush with the edges of the slab/insulation/screed of...
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    Wine cellar butyl liners, and gluing to the DPM?

    Hello all, we had a wine cellar (floor hatch) built into our new utility room as part of the extension - except that the builders got it wrong and tried to use something completely inappropriate to waterproof it: a paint-on bitumen emulsion which is only good for damp-proofing, not...