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    Kitchen worktops

    Hi Folks recently moved into a very tired 60s bungalow need to replace kitchen but too much else to do first rather than replace the worktops which are the worst part can i paint them and with which product was thinking by the videos zinsser bin first but what top coat anything sort of grey or...
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    can you thin Zinsser cover stain with white spirit successfully
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    Loft insulation

    Hi folks we have installed 100 plus 170mm thick loft insulation in our newly converted annexe however the builder covered most of the soffit vents with it and we now have a mould on the black unbreathable roof membrane I have pulled most of the insulation back and loft now drying out will this...
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    DuluxSatinwood Trade

    Can anyone advise if their is much difference in the quality of satinwood trade (water based) over the similar Dulux Satinwood off the shelf in homebase etc. To be used on interior doors in domestic house
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    oil paint yellowing

    Hi Folks any advice on this topic, I have a number of internal doors gloss white about 8 years ago now gone yellow. Looking to lightly rub these down, then acrylic undercoat followed by dulux satinwood waterbased to save this future problem. Whats the chance that the yellowing from the oil...
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    painting guttering

    Thanks for all your help folks, think replacing it seems best, that way can also paint the wooden fascia properly between changes.
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    painting guttering

    Hi all, I have brown plastic guttering that I would like black, besides changing it all can it be painted black and what best to use, any advice please.
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    undercoat advice

    Hi Andy, Thanks for reply we now have a change of plan in that the dulux centre has recommended using the trade opaque which they can tint to the same grey and do 2 coats using first coat as undercoat. I have the choice of oilbased or the aqua range, thinking of the aqua then the...
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    undercoat advice

    Any advice please, I have been tasked to paint exterior woodstained windows about ten years old not been touched since. I have rubbed down, fungal washed, hot washed with detergent and rinsed and applied one coat of zinsser cover stain, happy up till now. The owner has purchased dulux...
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    ceiling crack

    Looking for best way to fill a crack across a swirly artexed ceiling, thinking of using caulk rather than filler and is it worth trying to comb it to suit artex, any idea's ?
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    zinsser bin

    Thanks for the help guys, the solo is cream white which is lucky as its supplied by the client so not so worried about yellowing, the bin is as you say just horrible to apply worried that just one coat of bin would be enough to stop bleed through, will keep at it.....
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    zinsser bin

    Trying to cover varnished doors and rubbing down with 150 wet and dry doing 2 coats bin and top coat of crown once satin (oil base) just about covering top coat is it wise to oil undercoat between bin and satin ? Is rubbing down needed at all, any advice please !
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    Painting over galvanised nails

    Hi top coat is going to be white satinwood dulux trade
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    Painting over galvanised nails

    Hi Folks I have a new bare wood picket fence with galvanized nails, which I need to paint white, just wondering whether to use acrylic primer undercoat or spot prime heads with oil based primer first or just do whole lot in oil primer to start with, any suggestions appreciated.