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    Tony Blair.

    Please mods lock this thread and shut this fool up.
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    joe90 & any other holocaust deniers

    Take no notice of plonker-90, he gets all his facts from a site called " Jew Watch" The name of which says it all.
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    They look like prats, because they are. What you lot know about the Jewish faith and Israel, could be written on a postage stamp in capital letters.
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    Concentration camps

    Joe, Peaps2 is kicking you senseless, give it up klutz
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    Concentration camps

    Joe a good old Yiddish word, you are a Klutz. What about the gassing showers and and dumping in pits and then covered in lime, you don't need ovens then do you?
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    How do you change your username

    Whatever you change your name to, you will always be a To$$er to me.
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    Are we all racists?

    IMHO the average poster ( and moderator) on this forum have not got a clue about racism. I lived in the USA in the fifties and know all about it. I have seen and heard things you would not believe.
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    Middle East here we go again

    Film was called Cast a Giant Shadow. To the aptly named Tosser, there is an old expresion " It's better to say nothing and let people think you are a fool, than to speak and confirm it"
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    What ever happened to joe 90?

    A very sad story indeed, once the fame was over he turned to booze and drugs, there was some talk of a homosexual affair with Capt. Scarlet but most think that was impossible. The last I heard of him he was working for Swan Vesta, his last time as a shinning light. RIP joe 90
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    My first locked thread.

    No you are quite right, no useful purpose whatsoever, so it slots in rather nicely on this site.
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    My first locked thread.

    I'd like to thank my Mum & Dad, family, friends & all that helped me achieve this honour. All I asked was "Where has it gone" Keep on looking folks, my follow up is "Is it coming back", we are expecting great things.
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    Where has it gone?

    Trazor, what was incorrect in the post?
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    Where has it gone?

    How come that p**** joe-90 is involved in everything on this site?
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    Where has it gone?

    The one about Jewish achievments.
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    Where has it gone?

    What happened to the post by Sylvan Tieger?
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    mixed race

    Yes, I couldn't believe how big his eyes got when he looked down at me.
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    mixed race

    He could pass as a black man, he couldn't as a white man.
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    The death penalty.

    You will never get this idiot to admit he is wrong. A few years ago he was proved completely wrong by AdamW, his comeback was to start calling him names, including what must be his favorite "despicable". This used to be yet another subject Softus believed he was an expert on but has not had...
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    70 million

    Softus = Megawatt, possible ?