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    Basement floor drainage

    Hi there, We're in the process of slightly lowering our basement floor (nothing drastic like underpinning, just the remove of the cracked slab and some substrate and relaying it slightly lower with insulation and DPM, all based on a structural engineer's report and going 300mm further down the...
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    Basement tanking best practice

    That all makes a lot of sense. I've put some forced ventilation in there already, even though there was no mould buildup before. Water ingress is minimal so perhaps the right breathable surface and decent ventilation is the answer. Cheers
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    Basement tanking best practice

    Fair point, thanks woody. I'm familiar with BS8102 and am working towards grade 2 water protection rather than grade 3 in this case. There seem to be so many preferred methods for floating around online for tanking I wondered if anyone had some concrete (ahem) advice. Structural engineer has...
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    Basement tanking best practice

    Hi there, new to this forum and grateful in advance for any advice. Have a property that used to be a pub, so has a large cellar/basement, and looking to make the space a bit more usable by tanking the walls and floor to create a space for storage that's a bit dryer. The walls had a layer of...