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    Patio advice

    It is supposed to turn slimey black in weeks according to your claim. I have used rompox and jointex for years and not had any issues with them.
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    Patio advice

    Jointex months after putting it down.
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  4. jointex


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    Preparation for Artificial Grass

    You have lots of options for land drainage and some are quite cheap but even the best will not work unless you do it correctly. You need to find the water table to make a effective soak away. Firstly you need to know how big of a soak away you need. The formula i use is: Vol = A × 80...
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    Patio advice

    Neither. Use Jointex. :wink: Oh and balance your joints better first.. :wink:
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    Patio joint compound

    He is right about polymeric sands as they are the best way if you can afford them and you get the right one (some suck). However he did say he was looking for alternative options so i gave one and done correctly (packing with a bucket handle) its at least a option...
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    laying a lage area of slabs and block paving.

    Ok so i have a job coming up that has large areas of slabs and block paving. I typically lay block paving on whacked down sand in the normal way and i normally lay slabs on a full bed of damp sand and cement mix (on a 100mm hardcore base for both obviously). Now i know many lay slabs on...
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    Patio joint compound

    Brush in a dry mix, then use a bucket handle and pack it, then fine spray it.
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    Screw a heavy wooden "fence panel" to concrete pos

    Fix a wooden plank to the post securely and strongly first then fix your panel to the wooden plank.
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    Patio Project

    Depends on what you are laying and how. Just to cause you more problems you could also have what is called a floating edge :). This is a good site for those new to this stuff it has links to most questions on the site and i have linked to the part you are at (for now)...
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    Which fence brackets?

    Wicks or even a local timber yard that supplies fencing could have a variety of brackets you could check out so try them first. I once had a job where they had a similar problem and though the brackets available were weak, so i headed to the local iron mongers and bought a length of thicker...
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    Building a 6ft fence in the garden

    The parts of a fence that always rot first and rot extremely fast are the parts touching the ground and just below the surface because they stay wet a lot longer etc, its the same reason why timber posts always rot and eventually snap at the bottom if you think about it.. So even a 6 inch...
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    Building a 6ft fence in the garden

    Masonry paint FTW!!!8) Stops the water from soaking in that causes spalling and crumbling and makes the posts look cool if you get the right color. :P
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    new patio - floating slabs

    Also tell her to get a good blower as all manner of crap is gonna get stuck under it.
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    Petrol strimmers

    use a straight shaft strimmer and do not use cow horn handles.
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    Building a 6ft fence in the garden

    sloping the top of the concrete plug away from the post so water does not pool also extends their life.
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    Building a 6ft fence in the garden

    Wooden posts are not the best choice as they rot and are not much cheaper than concrete slotted posts that are far better ands will last forever. Best choice that will last you a lifetime: 8ft concrete slotted posts (11-12 pounds each). 6 inch concrete gravel board (6 pounds each)...
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    Fence post has rotted and broken

    If you can afford it put in slotted concrete posts, concrete gravel boards and feather edge panels as they will outlast you. If you are concerned about having to remove the old plugs of concrete off set the first post so you can dig in fresh ground.
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    At this time of year the turf will root but the grass will not grow so its all good.