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    How to finish this skirting around pipes?

    Just doing a refurb on partner's flat and for the first time I've tried scribing rather than mitre-ing the internal corners on the skirting. Results are OK but in my view no better and no worse than mitre-ing (mitring?). Both still need a bit of caulk afterwards. Is that normal or am I just...
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    How much should this job be?

    London N14 (zone 4), 4 bed semi. In 2019 I paid £3,840 for the removal of chrysotile ceilings in five rooms plus a garage, total area about 54 square metres. I then paid a further £3,500 to have the ceilings (except the 12.5 square metre garage ceiling) boarded and skimmed. Total cost £7,340...
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    Bonkers price ranges for a drill right angle attachment

    I recently bought this off Amazon and it seems nice and solid. Originally I wanted a new battery for my Bosch Blue right-angle drill but the batteries alone cost around £90 - if you can even find one. Shame to junk the Bosch but there you go.
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    What are decorative black wooden slats infront of house called?

    I used Bedec Barn Paint on mine. Wonderful stuff and needs little preparation if any.
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    Bay window subsidence vs whole building subsidence

    I am no expert but they don't look too bad to me. How long has it taken for the cracks to get to that stage? If many years, then yes possibly differential movement in the ground - maybe as a result of a very dry period over the summer. But whether that is a big deal? Not sure. One thing though...
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    White Wall Paint Recommendations Needed

    I did walls and ceilings in most of my house three years ago, and am doing part of my girlfriend's flat now, with Dulux Trade Supermatt white, slightly thinned as per instructions. Leyland Trade Hardwearing Acrylic Eggshell, neat, for the woodwork. Very happy with both.
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    integrated dishwasher wiring - is this even safe?....

    I have something very similar in my own place. Bought three years ago but only recently got round to checking this aspect. Not great but not one of life's worst problems. I suggest you familiarise yourself with the fuse/MCB/RCBO in the consumer unit that serves it, so in a rush you can quickly...
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    Anyone know what this large external plastic box may be?

    Indeed. So a multipurpose large box. I'll check next time. Thanks.
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    Anyone know what this large external plastic box may be?

    I went to look over the newly-bought house of a young relative today (first time buyer, North East London suburb). At the back of the house I found this large grey plastic box outside fixed to the wall just above some decking. It does not appear to be linked to the double socket to its left...
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    Getting my first dishwasher - do i need an aquastop?

    My dishwashers have never been a problem, but my washing machine, less than three years old, lightly used and (I thought) in excellent nick, recently started flooding the kitchen when it failed to stop filling. I never use appliances at night or when out and luckily noticed and was in time to...
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    Beko washing machine: how to check pressure chamber?

    But the overfilling stopped as soon as I cut the power, so I doubt the inlet valve is the issue.
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    Beko washing machine: how to check pressure chamber?

    Will check that thanks.
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    Beko washing machine: how to check pressure chamber?

    Thanks all. I have a new pressure switch on order (from the excellent Ransom Spares).
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    Beko washing machine: how to check pressure chamber?

    To the drum assembly.
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    Beko washing machine: how to check pressure chamber?

    Thanks but the drain pump is separate. The tube runs straight into a large moulded component.
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    Beko washing machine: how to check pressure chamber?

    Beko WIY84540F, 3 years old. Fine until yesterday when it overfilled halfway through a 2-stage cycle (when rinsing the prewash I think) and flooded the kitchen. The pressure switch seems to operate ok though not yet tested with a multimeter. The pressure hose is clear and intact. However the...
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    Velux window blinds, real ones or compatible?

    The two 2014-vintage Velux windows in the house I bought in 2019 have pleated blinds. Pretty sure the blinds are Velux originals. They are OK but one has always been tricky to raise and lower - needs careful pressure exactly in the middle - and the other is fine. Windows are identical in size...
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    Clumsy Fibre Install damaged wall

    OP's pic looks about as good as the mess made by the Virgin Media "engineers" who butchered my last house a few years ago. No problem though: compared to the squiffy internal box they fitted, at least I didn't have to look at it every day. Where do they find these morons?
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    Smoke/Heat/Co2 Alarm Recommendations

    I installed a full suite (about 10 or 11; I forget) of hardwired interlinked Kidde alarms with non-replaceable batteries in my last house; optical or ionisation plus heat for the kitchen. Several failed within the 10 year warranty period but Kidde were always very good at providing replacements...
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    What toilet seat is this?

    Could you not remove the QR mechanism and fit a standard top-fixed seat?