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    Corrosion on new(ish)radiator.

    I have a five year old tall modern radiator which is corroding. The other identical radiators are all fine however. What causes this? Is it bimetallic corrosion and what would be my best option. It’s not leaking yet so I would like to fix this instead of paying £££ for a new rad. Cheers Andy
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    Outside light(pir) playing up

    i have an outside pir light that’s really annoying me, it was installed when my extension was done by an electrician last year, the cable comes straight from fuse box to light. There is not a switch for it. It just stays on, literally as soon as it flicks off after 3 minutes it comes straight...
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    Priming a screeded floor.

    I am using a 150w heating matt, by living heat. It's a 20m2 matt. I am laying on 6mm insulation board(it's blue) think it's called Xps/styrofoam. Living heat said the screed needs to be primed with a "suitable primer" I can't use 10mm insulation as it will be too high where it meets bifold doors...
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    Priming a screeded floor.

    I need to prime a screeded floor ready to put the undertile insulation down, any recommended products for this?
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    Cedar cladding soffit.

    I am about to cover a large soffit overhang on my extension in 19 x 140mm cedar cladding. What would be the best method of fixing? Should I use stainless nails? I would like the contemporary look without visible nail heads. Thanks Andy
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    18mm flooring options.

    I am currently converting my garage, I have insulated the floor and I now need to lay an 18mm floor to tile on. Building inspector suggested chipboard but as it's going to be a shower room and utility room, I am not sure now, any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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    Tyvek fixing

    Hi, I need to fix Tyvek to my internal garage walls (Block work) how do i achieve this? Is there a special fixing of tape required? Thanks Andy
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    insulating stud walls

    Hi, I'm converting my garage, i need to insulate the walls. I have lots of DRITHERM 37 left over from building work, is it acceptable to insulate the stud walls with this? The building inspector will be checking before i board over as its linked to new extension. Thanks Andy
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    Studwork cavity wall

    Thanks Woody, I have just double checked this, it isn't actually a cavity wall, its a 220mm stud wall(completely filled with either rockwool or celotex, then theres 25mm celotex(or similar) across the whole wall then double plasterboard.
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    Studwork cavity wall

    You got me worried now Woody, i was all up for building this but have my doubts now especially if it could be less effective than a singlle 100mm wall. I've got the celotex ready and was all prepped to build it, presuming double wall = double sound/heat insulation.
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    Studwork cavity wall

    He said because the small store room has a door opening to outside, its better to do a double skin wall, he said "its in essence a cavity wall and requires thermal properties" i've got the timber to do it but i dont know what gap to leave between them, surely not 100mm, would 50mm be ok? Thanks...
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    Studwork cavity wall

    I'm converting my garage, my architect has detailed a stud wall to seperate store room from utility room using 4x2 timbers. This wall is double thickness. what gap should i leave between the 2 walls as its in effect a cavity wall. Would 50mm be ok? Andy
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    covering steel beam

    I have just built an extension on my house, i need to cover the rsj above the rear bifold doors, but am not sure whats the best way to go about this. Can you stick plasterboard to the underside of a steel beam? Is it standard to just bang noggings inside the rsj and screw into them? Thanks Andy
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    Fire Board for building control

    ahh ok thanks for that was looking at it wrong, ive found a versapanel which at 10mm offers a 60 min fire gap and is class "o" for building regs. Think thats the stuff £70 for 2 sheets though ...
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    Fire Board for building control

    Thanks for that, my local Travis Perkins stocks masterboard, it only has 6mm thick which offers 30 mins fire rating, alond with my insulation, intumastic sealant, plasterboard and skim this should give me the desired 60 mins ? or am i wrong? Andy
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    Fire Board for building control

    Hi, I'm in the middle of a garage conversion, my garage is joined to my neighbours garage, after putting a new roof on my side i have raised the height by 6-8 inches(slight pitch). Now the problem i have is the gap between the neighbours roof and mine.The centre wall is 6" wide block single...
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    Copper pipe under ground

    I'm pretty sure it's not gas as that enters the houses at the front, how can i find out what it is? Thanks Andy
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    Copper pipe under ground

    It looks like there was a pink paint on it as there are pink traces on it. The water is working fine in the house and the pipes not leaking thank god. I'm just not sure what to do with regards to pouring the concrete footings around it
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    Copper pipe under ground

    I'm digging footings for a single storey extension, about 800mm down i found a single copper pipe running through where i want to pour the concrete for the footings. Luckily i havnt broke the pipe as i noticed it just in time. Its a 15mm copper pipe what is this likely to be? its about 5ft away...
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    Removing add on from old fashioned fuse board

    Hi, I have a double socket in my conservatory which is wired straight into an old style fuse board(pull out fuses). The conservatory is being knocked down next weekend ready for a new extension. I need to remove this double socket before the demolition though. Is it just a case of shutting...