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  1. Lee@TileTown

    Floor tiles on top of existing floor tiles..

    is the floor you are tiling onto solid? (ie no tiles coming loose?) i would prime current floor with tilemaster prime+ grip then tile with tilemaster setaflex definite no no, bucket ready mixed adhesive!
  2. Lee@TileTown

    Shower / floor material

    @cheradenine Heres a link to a video on our website basically giving you all the info you need to build a wetroom. DeltaTray
  3. Lee@TileTown

    Tiling over Electric Underfloor Heating

    it could do with another bad of leveller in all honesty, but if the tilers are careful they should be ok.
  4. Lee@TileTown

    rubi 1200mm manual tile cutter

    The job will take forever with wet cutter IMHO. depending on which rubi machine, need the TX machine as these have a better breaker
  5. Lee@TileTown

    Can you grout or grout?

    there is an alternative. Use Universeal Grout Rescue Colour and Seal all the info is in this thread
  6. Lee@TileTown

    Polypipe underfloor heating

    had a specification written for me by TileMaster on this very subject the other day....... they recommended that the polypipe boards are primed with primeplus 3-1 then levelled with 5mm levelflex (a flexible self levelling screed) then solid bed fix the tiles using setaflex or ulitmate tile...
  7. Lee@TileTown

    3sqm of kitchen tiles - how much

    Dont think you will get a tiler price this up per m2 as they would with a floor or bathroom job. Most i know would price this as a day rate job. So whatever he needs to earn to cover his/hers costs for the day. (price would vary depending where you were in the UK too)
  8. Lee@TileTown

    Mosaics over electric UFH & chipboard?

    Yep, ideal for plywood overlay. From the tech sheet: Plywood Overlay: Prior to applying Rapid Level 30, ensure that new or existing boards are dry, i.e. conditioned to the environment in which they will be used. Plywood must be 6mm (minimum), exterior grade, screwed (not nailed) to substrate at...
  9. Lee@TileTown

    Porcelain tile adhesive

    You are correct. Ceramics & Quarry only.
  10. Lee@TileTown

    Mosaic tiles - problems!

    Mosaic mesh could possible be your answer.
  11. Lee@TileTown

    New grout problems

    Could also try LTP Grout Stain Remover or Universeal Grout Film Remover Yes, the Grout Resue colour & seal is permanent. You can go from black grout to white grout if you want........doesnt stain at all.
  12. Lee@TileTown

    Mosaics over electric UFH & chipboard?

    Best way to prepare the surface is to use a flexible self levelling compound. If you use Tilemaster Rapid Level 30 you can level be tiling in 45 minutes.
  13. Lee@TileTown

    Tiles or Shower Wall?

    As a tile only retailer im going to defend the tile option here @NewShoes ;) Best way to prevent leaks is makes sure the prep is right. Invest in a tanking kit to prevent damage to plasterboard, grouts have come on along way over the years, you can even seal the grouts with a grout protector...
  14. Lee@TileTown

    Vinyl options - Hallway

    Have you considered Tiles @Deasonuk Wood effect tiles are very much in fashion. Harder wearing than a vinyl too. Theres plenty of different colours to choose from. Heres a few examples:
  15. Lee@TileTown

    New grout problems

    Sounds like the grouts been mixed incorrectly causing efflorescence. Universeal Grout Rescue Colour & Seal (what you described as the pen) is a problem solver in this situation. (ps, never seen efflorescence with TM Grout 3000, best grout available IMHO)
  16. Lee@TileTown

    Tile layout question

    id prefer to see the tiles all go the same way. it might look better the opposite way to plan 1 though. (ie the other way around)
  17. Lee@TileTown

    Advice on setting out a brick bond pattern

    id check they are not bowed before commencing tiling brickbond.
  18. Lee@TileTown

    Black/red victorian floor tile - source and backer (with pics)

    Great stuff. Yes you can order online, you can get samples if you want to just check? Fix NMP down onto your floor, then i would use TileMaster Ulimate S2 adhesive, its a belt n braces adhesive. TileMaster Grout 3000 Mid Grey will match the tile too. All in stock. Lee
  19. Lee@TileTown

    Black/red victorian floor tile - source and backer (with pics)

    how about this as a cheaper option? Easier to install and would look go in that hallway. Lee
  20. Lee@TileTown

    Is there a definitive answer on the best material to stiffen a floor before tiling?

    we sure have @L95 variopro is doing extremely well for us.