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    Potentially dangerous light fitting

    Hi all, I've just bought a new light fitting off of ebay. It is metal and has no earth wire, just a black and white wire. I can see no markings as to whether it is double insulated or not and hence I think I'm right in saying it's dangerous. I've added a picture for your reference. The seller on...
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  3. Light fitting

    Light fitting

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    Replace a Veritas 8C alarm panel like for like

    Thank you for your reply, is this something relatively easy to do? Also when changing the panels over, is this an easy job or do I need to consider anything before unplugging my old panel?
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    Replace a Veritas 8C alarm panel like for like

    Hi guys, we're decorating at the moment and have a Veritas 8C installed and it's working as expected, it was here when we bought the house. However the plastic has yellowed and it's making a constant buzzing noise, a replacement panel on eBay us only about £45. Can I simply remove the old panel...