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    Baxi 105e still losing pressure after pressure release valve replaced

    Like you I like to try to sort things myself and I'm often successful. Part of having that skill is knowing when to get a pro in. It's time!
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    Been quoted £150 labour for service and replacing parts.

    Not been serviced for years... £150... Cheaper than me.
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    Shower doesn’t start until I open a tap

    Number of things could be wrong but we need a bit of detail to help. A mains fed shower combined with a pump is not really a thing, it's usually one or the other... Can we have some pictures of the hot water tank and the pump?
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    New Boiler Pressure Issues HELP

    Post a picture will be easier to help
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    New Boiler Pressure Issues HELP

    Hi Amanda. From what you describe it seems that the unvented cylinder has a pin hole in the heating coil. So the cold/hot water inside your tank is filling up the heating system. Pressure reducing on using the hot is an indicator as the two systems should be completely seperate. Did your...
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    Boiler connection question

    Your correct that is a connection off your heating flow. Where does the pipe go? I'd assume it goes to a radiator not very far away. RGM
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    Honeywell Lyric t40 to Hive

    Give it a while everyone will catch up. Does though have a lot of additional functionality which seems to draw the masses. @stem I'm with you on the T40 assuming T4
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    Honeywell Lyric t40 to Hive

    Hive really have done some brilliant advertising.
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    Unvented cylinder replacement

    The vessel can be replaced. Will screw out and replacement will fit back in its place. It takes a bit to get it turning as can't really get a grip on it.
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    Double Trouble Radiators

    Some of those radiators are particular about which side is connected to the flow. Did you follow the instructions in this regard?
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    Central heating Rad-Stem Elbow change Guidance Please

    If you want it to look good...
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    Putting Combi Boiler in brick shed

    Frost stat & Pipe stat will negate the need on the central heating. Frost stat kicks in boiler turns on heats central heating circuit until return reaches a preset temp (20°?) It won't protect your cold/hot water circuit. Small rad under boiler?
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    Putting Combi Boiler in brick shed

    Frost & pipestat (although most boilers have an internal Friday protection) Pipe lagging. You could install a small radiator at same time. Top tip: Ask the RGI quoting he will know more having seen the location.
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    Salus trvs

    If have thought you'd noticed before... But do all your rads have TRVs on? If the answer is NO. The radiator that doesn't have them on, has it turned off? A place to start at least.
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    CH install - New Rads not heating - Need your help please

    Was an air lock then... It's often the case we default to the very worst scenario and neglect the initial simple solution. Balancing will definitely no question have helped but turning off all other rads was the fix. Congrats on solving!
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    CH install - New Rads not heating - Need your help please

    Best guess is it's air locked... Follow the suggestion, should resolve itself.
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    New pipe benders - but which?

    Originally made Hilmor