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    Adding wall sockets -pattress size

    You should have no problem fitting three cables into the 25mm back box - just make sure you leave no more than 10mm of grey sheathing into the back box - cut, bend and line up your live, neutral and earth cables to the terminals on the new socket before fitting. You should leave just enough...
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    Additional light

    Should be very easy to do. Assuming you have a power source Permanent Live/Neutral and earth at the original light fitting - you just run 1mm² twin and earth from here to the new light fitting PL/N/E. Then look up wiki to see how to connect the new light source to the switch. Providing there is...
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    3 Core + bare earth

    As I have said it depends how the PIR has been wired - it could be one of the other colours. No - when working with electricity - educational guesses are for fools or dead people. Yes you do. With the power off - follow and identify individual wires from the switch supply - to the switch load...
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    3 Core + bare earth

    It will depend on how the PIR has been wired - normally permanent live/neutral/earth into the PIR and out via the switch live/neutral/earth out to the new lamp. It is possible that the three core and earth was 'spare' and the person who wired it before used both yellow/red or other combination...
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    3 Core + bare earth

    What terminals (markings) where the blue, yellow, red and earth wire connected to in the old floodlight? What terminals (markings) are the blue, yellow, red and earth wire connected to in the separate PIR? Clear photographs of both the incoming and outgoing wires of the PIR would be helpful.
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    Immersion heater timer query

    I don't know - maybe death - danger - lurking - behind those white boxes!!!! The more the merrier as far as I am concerned.
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    power to outbuilding

    Apart from the lack of any proper calculations over potential load/cable sizes, RCD/MCB sizes, earth types etc and regulatory elements from your LABC, putting your washing machine and tumble dryer in an out building is highly likely to invalidate any guarantee you may have remaining on the two...
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    changing a light socket

    You will probably have to destroy the old one I'm afraid - unless you are very lucky in prising the retaining cord clips off. Have a look a this website, they seem to have similar replacement parts.
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    High resistance on ring circuit

    I am more than a little surprised by the OP's post but then perhaps not THAT surprised. Problem solving used to be a standard part of the testing process at College and for Ring Final Circuits the end to end test was considered to be one of the simplest - both in terms of time and how to quickly...
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    Replaced old halogen transformer - lights noticeably dimmer

    Well do they like the current lights? If so leave them as they are now. Best idea yet - save wasting time and effort trying to resolve what appears to be a subjective viewpoint of the light quality anyway.
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    Indoor FCU for outdoor electrics

    The circuit is already protected by an RCD why would you consider adding another?
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    Adding an extra light to existing circuit

    That is what I was proposing - link the N/E from one of the old ceiling roses to the new rose (bringing you the Neutral and Earth loop) - bring L/E? (you don't need to bring the extra E but its up to you) from the switch to the new rose (bringing you the Live loop). That way you can use your...
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    Adding an extra light to existing circuit

    This would be much better if you could supply us with photographs of the inside of the ceiling rose showing the wiring terminals and the inside of one of the switches. If, as suggested, you have do have singles and the layout is running neutrals to each ceiling rose with only returning switch...
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    Adding an extra light to existing circuit

    With the circuit dead you need to find a ceiling rose or junction box that you can tap into the L/N/E - run that to your new ceiling rose first. Then run your live/switch live and earth through/to the switch. There are alternative methods.
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    Metal distribution board needed for safety report?

    Ask both contractors to quote which regulation (number) says that plastic consumer units MUST be replaced by metal ones?
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    Inspection and sign off?

    Firstly, I was explaining the difference and full titles between the two possible certificates that you refer to, but provide only one acronym . Secondly, I was also outlining the 'normal' notification procedure that applies when a Scheme member completes the installation - in other words what...
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    Inspection and sign off?

    Just to be clear - there is a difference between what JohnW2 is stating a new electrician might provide and what the LABC might require. Under normal circumstances for this type of work I would register the work with my scheme and they would inform the LABC that the work has been completed to...
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    I think you may be having one of those moments Bernard;)
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    Indoor FCU for outdoor electrics

    You really need the RCD before your cable leaves the house - Are you sure that the ring final circuit isn't already RCD protected? If not one of these might be an option to replace the FCU you have already...
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    Indoor FCU for outdoor electrics

    Needs to be answered.... not ignored. Also one assumes that the circuit is additionally protected by an RCD. Is there a Consumer Unit at the garage end or does it go directly into a socket?