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    Which filler for gaps in engineered wood floor

    Thanks for the reply. I have no idea whether or now it was glues. I doubt it was – the developers go always for the fastest and cheapest options, don't they? Any way to find out?
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    Which filler for gaps in engineered wood floor

    Hi, Due to flooding our engineered wood floor has become wet. Now that it's dried out again it's got some wider gaps in some places. At the largest spots up to about 5mm wide. What filler do I best fill this with? The flooring is varnished and surface looks good, so it should not be something...
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    Repairing cracks in plaster, top of window reveal

    Hi there, I have two windows where the top of the window reveal (where the lintel is) has cracked quite a bit. I assume that it's cracking because of settlement/schrinkage since the house was new built about 7 years ago. How is this best repaired? Sand down the plaster? How do I fill the crack...
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    Modus Radiators contact details

    Modus seems to be a range of Double Quick (Heating) Limited: Hope that helps.
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    Geberit concealed cistern leaking at bottom

    Hello, We've got a concealed cistern (Geberit 109.720.00.1) which leaks water from the point at which the flush pipe connects to it. There is a seal, which may need to be replaced. As per these installation instructions...
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    Problem area with mould in communal hallway.

    Thank you for the replies. A trickle vent or contant opening of the skylight seems like a sensible way forward.
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    Problem area with mould in communal hallway.

    We've got a skylight in our communal hallway. Because of condensation during the colder season, mould has built up around the skylight. See image. The housing association will re-paint (and allegedly properly treat the mould beforehand). I've asked them about future mould prevention, but...
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    Plaster boar repair patches

    Hello, I need to colose a couple of hole in plasterboard and it seems as if this might help me: All websites that sells these have the same description. Does anyone have experience with these? I.e. I'd like to...
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    Painting bathroom walls

    We need to get a bathroom wall (plasterboard) re-painted, behind which there was a leak a year ago or so. The wall is now discoloured. We think that all is dry now and would want to have it re-painted with a mould-resistant white bathroom paint. Is there any need to treat the wall somehow...
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    Replacement of radiators

    I would like to remove these 2 standard radiators: These are located on two opposite sites of the room. I'd like to remove one of them completely, and to replace the other one with a larger, but low height radiator. For the new radiator I have up to about 4.7 metres space: I...
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    Repair of plasterboard hole

    Hello, I've removed a skirting board, adjacent to a door frame. It turns out that the guys who've put on the plasterboard and then the skirting broke the plasterboard in the corner when they've nailed the skirting on, now there's a hole which I want to fill, and some of the render above the...
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    Cheap, quick and easy way to whiten boards

    Hi everyone, I'm going to build a few shelves out of reclaimed, planed floorboards. The shelvoes need to end up white, but we're not looking for the perfect finish. What would you recommend to use, enabling us to make the boards white with one or two coats, before putting the shelved...
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    what paint is suitable for MDF?

    I have two questions: 1) Is it ok to give an MDF sheet just a couple of coats of primer and not bother with any other paint, if the end result is supposed to be white (I believe that primer is usually white). 2) Who supplies cut to size and painted MDF panels in the London area? Manyt...
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    Advise on wardrobe and sliding door material (MDF?) please

    Thanks again for your reply and valued opinion. It's a fairly small room, that's why we thought that sliding doors would leave more space to place other furniture. Hanging the doors doesn't seem easily possible: ceiling and walls are plaster board. Hence I was thinking of bottom rolling...
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    Advise on wardrobe and sliding door material (MDF?) please

    Thank you again for your reply and advise, big-all :) Apparently, these rollers take sheets of up to 70kg I've seen somewhere that a full regular sheet of MDF is about 40-50kg, so I should be well within the limit. I'm also considering whether...
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    Advise on wardrobe and sliding door material (MDF?) please

    Thanks for the replies! Yes, we were still debating what interior arrangement we'd have. We want to stick with 2 doors, so one possibility would be this: I guess you're saying that because that's the normal sheet size. It seems as if some suppliers could also supply oversized MDF. I've...
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    Advise on wardrobe and sliding door material (MDF?) please

    Thanks for your reply! I was thinking about a layout like that (space for clothes rail in the middle). I guess that there would need to be support somehow in the middle... Hmmm, would be a shame to have another vertical division and cut up that large space.
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