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  1. Steve 23

    Texecom R8 plus zone fault

    Cheers guys, appreciate the advice. I have found a local engineer who is reasonable and who was helpful on the phone. He's coming out in the week and will replace the battery first to see if thats whats needed.
  2. Steve 23

    Texecom R8 plus zone fault

    Yes, the sensor lights up ok. Securelam, thanks for your reply but am afraid I have no idea. Im not any good with electronics - I was hoping it could be resolved by doing something to the panel. Think I might need to get an engineer out. The battery is dated 2012, but have no idea how much use...
  3. Steve 23

    Texecom R8 plus zone fault

    Hi guys, Have searched the forum but can't find any specific advice for my problem. Our alarm has been working fine since we moved in 2 years ago, but a couple days ago it suddenly stopped setting. When you enter the code and press 'Full" or "part" the red zone 2 light flashes and prevents the...
  4. Steve 23

    Electric Underfloor Heating

    Hi guys, had to create a new accounts so have been here while, but have a query on underfloor heating. Have been in our house a year or so and are having a bathroom refitted. Have exposed the underfloor heating, which I knew was there, and confirmed it is electric but we have not found any...