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    Vaillant "Warmstart" function (EcoTEC Plus 831) an

    As I now have a solution to the above DHW warm start problem, I should record details here. There had been an error by the installer in setting up the VRC430f controller settings. On installation screen A2 [System configuration] the 'Cylinder' registration had been set as inactive. For the...
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    Vaillant "Warmstart" function (EcoTEC Plus 831) an

    Thank you for your response. Evidence for non-operation of Warmstart is threefold. (i) DHW is taking a time to get up to temperature; (ii) even though the 'C' appears in the boiler LCD, indicating that warmstart is switched on, the 'C' never flashes (to indicate preheating of DHW...
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    Which Wireless Thermostat? - Vaillant

    As I have recently had a VRC430f installed, I will offer a response: (1) yes, you could install a VRC430f or a timeswitch, but not both (2) the VRC430f comes with three main components --- an external temperature sensor, a radio receiver unit attached to the boiler (that may optionally be...
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    Vaillant "Warmstart" function (EcoTEC Plus 831) an

    Operating my new EcoTEC Plus 831 combination boiler in conjunction with VRC430f results in one oddity. Although the Warmstart function (preheating of the DHW heat-exchanger) can be switched on at the boiler, with appearance of "C" on LCD display, the preheating does not work. On the VRC430f...