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  1. flux44

    Intenral wall installation and partywall coldbridge potential?

    Hi, I'm looking to start the framing for internal wall insulation on the front room of my 1930 terrace house. It has a sold brick wall on the front, back and party walls. My question is to do with where the stud/insulation will butt up against the perpendicular terrace party wall as I'm...
  2. flux44

    Need help to identify roof tile

    Catlad / datarebal - thank you for your replies. Much appreciated.
  3. flux44

    Need help to identify roof tile

    Hi - I need to buy some tiles, but I'm unable to accurately identify the ones that are already in place - any help is much appreciated. I have taken a photo of the main house as well as the join with the house to the left. I'd like to use the same tiles as on the left for continuity. If...
  4. flux44

    Underfloor heating for 2.6mm vinyl kitchen floor?

    Hi, I am about to lay my kitchen floor, but have a thought about how to go about something that's not standard. The floor which I am going to lay onto 1930 floorboards which are in good condition I would like underfloor heating as my house it quite cold I have already bought 1mm thick...